Which Spin Bike to Buy

Which Spin Bike to Buy

When you`re looking to buy a spin bike you will come across thousands of possible choices. This is why new users might feel intimidated by all of the available options. But the truth is that choosing a spin bike should not be difficult if you know what to look for.

Instead of looking for a particular brand, you should consider which features are best indicated for your needs. This is why understanding a spin bike is a good start in your purchasing process.

The good news is that spin bikes are not complicated and if you manage to understand a few basic elements you will be able to make an informed decision.

Start with the flywheel

The flywheel system is the core of a spin bike. It sets the pace, the smoothness and the overall user experience with a bike. This is why you will need a good flywheel weight to cater for your cycling needs. But which weight should you choose from and why? Usually speaking, choosing a home spin bike will mean you will be around the 40 lb mark for the flywheel.

This is the weight many manufacturers adopt for these bikes and should provide a good experience and enough resistance to make it a good investment. Commercial spin bikes will come with a heavier flywheel.

Thus, it is not unusual to see a spin bike with a 46 – 48 lb flywheel. This will also enhance the adjustability and it will also increase the performance level in commercial environments such as gyms. These environments have to cate for a large range of users and this is why they will need powerful spin bikes.

Frame design is important

Another important characteristic of spin bikes comes with the design of the frame. This is why it will be important to find a bike which uses a sturdy frame which is well grounded.

You want to have the best stability when cycling and this can become an issue with some bikes especially at higher speeds. This is why it will be important to find a bike which is capable of working with ease at any level and even home users will need good stability.

The good news is that there are many types of frame designs to choose from and you should always look for the warranty information on the frame which will be a good indicator on its sturdiness.

Drive system

There are two main drive systems with spin bikes. One comes with a chain and the other system comes with a belt. Although many commercial spin bikes come with a chain for durability and performance purposes, home bike users can benefit from using a belt drive system.

The simple reason behind this choice comes with the reduced sound such a bike comes with. And with many parents which prefer to cycle early in the morning before the kids wake up, you could potentially benefit from the low impact design of this drive system. The reduced noise will be perfect for home environments.

Resistance technologies

There are a few main resistance technologies which are added to spin bikes. They range from the cable resistance to the screw resistance. Popular options can use magnetic resistance which works by simply placing the magnet closer or further from the wheel. But why is resistance important?

Resistance is one of the main characteristics of spin bikes and can add to the challenge of cycling. It can even simulate real world situations where you could be cycling uphill or downhill.

The good news is that the resistance adjustment can be easily made while cycling and this can significantly influence your purchasing decision. Thus, you should look for a spin bike which comes with an easy to adjust resistance with multiple levels. Some bikes even come with preset programs which will adjust the resistance as you go in an all-in-one training session.

Heart rate sensors

This advanced feature usually comes with higher-end bikes. The bike is thus able to monitor your heart rate with built-in sensors which are usually placed on the handle. This feature can be used as a great health indicator and a cycling motivator.

It can show you the actual and the average heart rate in every cycling session which means you will be able to measure and compare your effort to the previous workouts.

A good way to set a goal for each workout can thus come with preset heart rate programs which are made to keep an elevated heart rate for users. This can represent a good cardio workout and can be one of the weight-loss methods which will not negatively impact your joints.

Which spin bike to buy?

So which spin bike should you buy and is it possible to find a model with all of these characteristics? The simple answer is that you can find a good spin bike with all of these characteristics.

Even more, some bikes made for home use can come with these features and even other features such as good connectivity via USB or Bluetooth for data transfer.

When you`re looking to buy a spin bike, you`ll need to make sure you get a model with an adjustable seat which can allow you to find the best position for cycling. Some seat designs can only allow vertical adjustments.

Other more advanced spin bikes can also allow for horizontal adjustments and this is why you will need to find a design which works for you. The position and the comfort of your seat will be closely tied to an adjustable-position handle. This will ensure you have a correct cycling position.

In the end, you will need to set a goal with your spin bike efforts. If you are looking to lose weight, you could look for a bike with preset programs which will add the daily variation you need to stay motivated with cycling.

If you are looking to use the bike occasionally, you will not need to worry about these features too much and you can even look for good connectivity for the entertainment system.

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