What SpinBikes do Gyms Use?

What SpinBikes do Gyms Use?

If you are looking for a new way to work out in the comfort of your home, you may have considered buying a spin bike to get your daily dose of cardio mixed with a little resistance training. You have then probably thought about what types of bikes they use in the gym.

They must be the best, right? Indoor or spinning bikes are an excellent form of exercise and perfect to do in the comfort of your own home.

However, you do need to take into consideration the type of bike that will fit for budget and various features that will best suit your lifestyle and fitness plan.

Let’s take a look at what bikes are on the market and the features you should consider before buying your own:

Types of Resistance for Spin Bikes

There are generally two different types of resistance in available bikes. These are magnetic or fiction resistance and each has its own unique way of creating a great resistance workout.

Magnetic Resistance

As the name suggests, these bikes create resistance through the use of magnets. The flywheel moves between two magnets when it rotates. The closer the magnets are to one another, the greater the resistance will be.

It is actually very similar to the way road bikes work. This type of indoor bike is the most common and popular for gyms to use as they require very little maintenance. This means they are also much more cost-effective.

Friction Resistance

Friction resistance bikes make use of a plate with wool pads to press on the flywheel when a knob is tightened. The wool pads create the resistance when they rest upon the flywheel. This type of bike is cheaper than its magnetic counterpart.

The downside here though, is that it requires regular maintenance which can become costly. Additionally, the resistance will not always be consistent with the wool pads.

Features Gym Owners Consider when Buying a Spin Bike


The frame of your bike is highly important as it is going to give you the stability you need while working out. A good frame means the bike will great durability and stability. Stronger frames will generally last longer and have a greater weight limit.


Having a console on your indoor bike is highly recommended. They are great for tracking your performance and important information such as your heart rate. It can also be really helpful to connect your console to fitness apps on your smartphone to allow tracking your daily calories, especially if you are on a fitness program.

Some consoles have additional functionality that gives you workout programs to follow, somewhat like a spin class at the gym. This is perfect to always keep you motivated and your workouts interesting.


You can either have a chain drive system or a belt drive system on your indoor bike. While the chain system can be highly effective, it does require regular maintenance.

The belt system is more highly recommended as it is not as dependant on regular maintenance, it’s much more durable, easier to adjust and much quieter.

Flywheel weight

The flywheel is the wheel that is situated at the front of the bike and moves as you pedal. A heavier flywheel will generate a smoother motion when pedaling.

The majority of home indoor bikes have a flywheel weight of 18kgs, while the commercial kind you find in gyms are around 20-22kgs. It is recommended that the weight is not less than 16kgs for effective and safe training.

Braking System

When it comes to the braking system, there are three different options available for spin bikes. The first is a fabric pad that you generally find on entry-level indoor bikes targeted at home-use.

Secondly, there are leather pads which last much longer than the fabric alternative. These are commonly used for commercial bikes as well as higher end bikes for use in the home.

Lastly, there is a magnetic braking system which is the most highly recommended system out of the three. This is highly favored for its silent function as it does not make contact.

It also offers a greater range of resistance. A great benefit of the magnetic system is that it requires no replacement or maintenance.


This is where your DIY skills come into play. If you do have the right skills, you can quite easily assemble the bike at home yourself. For more intricate styles of bikes, it is recommended that you get an expert in to assemble for you. This ensures it is correctly and safely assembled and you don’t need to worry about anything going wrong.


Finding a bike with great adjustability is important as it will ensure you get the best workout in with the correct posture. Macro adjustability is very important especially if you have other people making use of it too.

Being able to adjust the seat and handlebars will help you get a workout with maximum comfort at all the right angles.

Is there any difference between indoor bikes and spinning bikes?

The short answer here is no. They are basically the same thing. The difference came about because a company actually owned the name spin bike and it was a registered trademark. Thus, manufacturers started to change the name of their spin bikes to indoor bikes or indoor racers.

A sturdy spinkbike with a solid frame is what you should aim for. The wear and tear of a bike in gym is much more than compared to a bike at home. Therefore, a sturdy bike proves to be a better choice.

Are you ready to find the best spinning bike for your gym? Remember to consider the features mentioned here to find the bike that best suits you and your fitness goals.

The most important thing here is that it is comfortable and affordable. An indoor bike can really make a big difference in helping you to reach your fitness goals right at home.

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