What Spin Bikes Do Gyms Use: A Closer Look

What Spin Bikes Do Gyms Use

Going to the gym is important especially for individuals who have limited activities because of their busy schedule. However, sometimes, it is impossible to stick to a regular gym schedule, and it would be a waste of money since you might not be able to max out your membership. Hence, some people opt to buy spin bikes for their homes. Since there is a considerable amount of money involved in purchasing such equipment, it is good to know what spin bikes do gyms use so that you can buy one that has the same features.

Do keep in mind though that you should not invest in a spin bike unless you are serious about using it. So, if you are really interested in purchasing a spin bike, this article is perfect for you as it will explore what spin bikes do gyms use and will also address the difference between bikes that are used for spinning classes and bikes that are used for regular exercise.

Spin Bikes vs. Regular Gym Bikes

If you have never attended a spin class before, it is easy to understand why you may think that a spin bike and a regular exercise bike are similar. Both bikes are stationary and are designed to give you the feel of outdoor biking. They also provide you with an excellent cardiovascular workout. Also, if you want to burn calories quickly, then you need to invest in a bike. With that said, the differences are subtle but noticeable.

  • Bikes for Spin Classes

Bikes that are used for spinning give you a challenging workout because the cycling experience may be a bit intense. When on the bike, you alter speed level, and you can use the gear or knob to increase the resistance of the bike. When you apply resistance, you are forced to pedal as if you are going up a steep hill. If you use the bike properly, you can quickly burn 500 to 700 calories.

Generally, spin bikes have a similar feel to outdoor bikes with a heavy flywheel and a sturdy crank shift. Although spin bikes are not designed for comfort, you will maintain a biker’s posture throughout the cycling session.

  • Bikes for Regular Gym Use

Bikes that are regularly used in the gym can be recumbent or upright. These bikes are well padded and way more comfortable than a spin bike. The recumbent bikes have back support, so it is ideal for people with back problems. The upright bike is popular and has a seat like a regular bike, but it is padded and somewhat larger. Likewise, the handlebars are higher, so you have a more upright posture. These bikes also have resistance, but what makes using them easier than a spin bike is their padded seats.

What Spin Bikes Do Gyms Use: The Key Features

If you have decided to purchase a spin bike as part of your exercise regime, you should look for a spin bike with similar features of the spin bikes in your local gym. The features that are important include the following:

  • Magnetic Resistance

Spin bikes can either have fiction resistance or magnetic resistance. According to experts, the best spin bikes used in gyms are the ones that have magnetic resistance. Compared to friction or budget models, the workout on bikes with this feature are quiet and require limited maintenance. The pedals are also very responsive regardless of the resistance used. Some bikes have six magnets, which are quite expensive.

  • Pedal Options

Usually, affordable spin bikes may come with only one pedal option, but more expensive bikes will come with two. People have different pedal preferences based on the type of shoes they are wearing. Some prefer pedals that are toe cage fitting to avoid the risk of slipping, and others prefer riding those with a normal pedal. In most gyms, you could find both types in order to meet the needs of the clients.

Thus, if you are not sure which option you prefer, you should get a bike that has both. However, because you are likely to do your spin class at home, you should get a toe cage fitting pedal for your safety.

  • Supports Weight

Gyms use spin bikes that can support heavyweight as the people who use the bike every day have different weights. With that said, even if you are on the petite side, you should buy a bike capable of supporting weight just in case your weight fluctuates, or if you decide to sell your bike in the future.

  • Adjustment Features

Spin bikes should be adjustable and able to support different heights. Definitely, the spin bikes in the gym have this feature because they are by various individuals. In fact, the bikes are used by two or more people in a single day. For home use though, you may not need this feature, but if you live with other people who may want to use the bike for a workout, you should also invest in one that is adjustable.

  • LCD Screen

Another feature that gym spin bikes have that people usually take for granted is an LCD screen. It may seem simple enough, but the LCD screen allows the rider to easily monitor the progress of his or her workout including the RPM, calories burned, and distance covered. It may also measure your heart rate and the time you spent on the bike. Some bikes even stop counting time when you stop pedaling.


Gyms use spin bikes that are durable and of excellent quality because the bikes are considered to be an asset. When looking for a spin bike for your home, just like the one in the gym, it should be equipped with an LCD screen and a good pedal. It should also be able to support more than your weight and work with a magnetic resistance principle. The adjustable features can be optional.

Additionally, while a gym may invest in an expensive, top quality spin bike, it may be unnecessary for you to spend in a comparable price bracket as their bikes will be used more often than a spin bike you may have at home.

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