What Does Spin Class Do to the Body?

What Does Spin Class Do to the Body

If you’ve ever been to the gym even for a second, you would have noticed a bicycle somewhere. That is a spin cycle, which is a conventional exercise machine and frequently thought of as ideal for weight loss. However, you may still be wondering: what is a spin class and what does spin class do?

We shall address these questions and other related queries, such as what are its benefits and cons, in the following text. At the end of the article, we hope you’ll have a better idea of whether spin classes are a good fit for you.

What Is a Spin Class?

A spin class is a group of people using spin cycles while an instructor motivates them. If that is the case, why not just use a spin class at home all by yourself, right?

We actually asked the same thing and found that while you might get incredible results doing it alone, being part of a group that does the same exercise as you is the right kind of motivation. After all, putting in long minutes for exercise does require a significant amount of motivation.

If you decide to exercise alone, you might find it difficult to keep yourself motivated as no one will hold you accountable for the exercises you carry out. On the other hand, working out in a class will spur you on, partly due to the presence of a teacher and partly because of peer pressure.

These two aspects, coupled with loud thumping music, may prove to be the ideal push you lacked previously during individual workouts.

What Does Spin Class Do?

Spinning, and by extension, spinning classes, is an ideal way to boost your metabolism, which in turn, leads to less fat retention. Additionally, participating in a spin class effectively leads to the strengthening of several muscle groups. Spinning affects quads, calves, hamstrings, and glutes the most.

Here are other advantages that attending a spin class does to your body:

  • Strong Heart

Understandably, your heart is the most critical organ in the body. Spinning classes are an excellent exercise for the heart, keeping it active, healthy, and in tune.

Any regular exercise, in general, is good for the heart as long as the physical exertion is constant. Therefore, spinning on an almost daily basis will keep your heart performing efficiently without the added effort of finding an open space.

  • Toned Glutes

The exercise constantly employs the glute muscles whenever the force exerted through the legs extend your hips. Spinning uses both these muscles. In fact, the best sign of an effective spinning session is sore glutes.

The exertion increases when you lift yourself slightly above the seat while you are spinning. The strain on this muscle increases whenever you adjust the resistance setting on your spinning cycle.

  • Tougher Hamstrings

The hamstrings work as the supporting pillar. This is because they are attached to the quadriceps and are located directly behind the thighs. Essentially, the thighs generate the force that is required to lift the leg and the pedal back up. Therefore, the hamstrings are employed continuously during spinning, which, in turn, makes them stronger.

A stronger set of hamstrings will allow you to carry out routine tasks easily, such as walking, bending, and running.

  • Defined Quadriceps

These muscles are continuously in use while you are spinning. They are in front of the thigh area and are used to generate the force need to push the pedal down via the foot

In everyday situations, stronger quadriceps will help you climb steep areas and even steps without too much hassle.

  • Toned Back and Upper Body

Admittedly, the back and upper body are not directly in use while you are spinning. However, the position you need to maintain during spinning does put a certain amount of exertion on the muscles located in these two areas.

As a result, spinning classes may gently tone your torso and your core in general.

Benefits of Joining a Spinning Class

Here are some key benefits of a spinning class:

  • Burns a Large Number of Calories

The amount of calories you burn obviously depends on the intensity of your workout; it also somewhat depends on your instructor and how effectively he or she is able to spur you on. A mid-intensity workout will lead to you burning anywhere between 600 to 1,000 calories in an hour.

Usually, spinning sessions combine exercise and breaks for recuperation. As a result, a session that goes on for approximately 40 minutes should lead to the burning of 400 to 600 calories.

  • Exposure to a Unique Experience

While spinning in a class as opposed to doing it alone is different in itself, each spinning class is also unlike the other. As a result, you get to experience something new for yourself.

The machines can be set up in rows or a circle, each giving you a different perspective and environment. The setup also directly affects the peer pressure facet of the spinning class. The class itself may be carried out in a small outdoor space or an airconditioned room.

The instructors also bring their unique style to the table. Often, the effectiveness of your spinning class will be directly related to how good your instructor is. Some may be able to motivate certain personalities while others may be more esuited to other kinds of pople.

It is possible that if you find spinning classes bland, you may just need to find another spinning class swith a different instructor, setting, or group of people.

  • Healthier Body

Of course, your muscles will be quite sore at first, but, slowly, they will learn to handle the strain. They will also accustom themselves to constant expansion and contraction. Additionally, the strain will also result in the muscles constantly repairing themselves and coming back stronger than before.

For this, you will have to ensure that your dietary intake allows the body to consume essential protein and nutrients. This is imperative for effective and sustainable muscle repair and growth.


If you are looking at a workout that consumes the least amount of space and time, spinning is an ideal choice. Attending spinning classes is a great way to get your exercise on in a social setting where you have multiple peers pushing towards the same goal as yours.

We hope we have been able to communicate what does spin class do. More importantly, we hope that you will be able to determine whether it is the right fit for you.

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