Wellgo E229 Spin Bike Pedals Review

Wellgo E229 Spin Bike Pedals Review

As with any equipment, all parts of a spin bike contribute to the success of your spin fitness session. A solid frame buys you stability. A large flyweight affords you a smoother and more consistent ride. A high-end resistance system fetches you convenience.

But an often-overlooked part of a spin bike that actually is just as important and worthy of attention is the pedals. If you get them right, then pedals can make spinning distraction-free and efficient. Responsible in setting the whole equipment in motion at the very start, pedals should be carefully chosen.

Without good contact between your feet and the pedals, it can be quite challenging to set cadence—much more boost your speed and burn more calories! Additionally, if you have all parts working well, including the pedals, spinning will release pressure on the joints. This makes spinning truly a low-impact exercise.

The Different Types of Pedals

There are three types of pedal systems, and each provides different levels of connection to the spinner.

  • Flat Pedals

You have the flat pedals that are basic and which offer a loose connection between your footwear and the pedal.

  • Toe-cage Pedals

Second, you have the toe-cage pedals that have a basket at the top to catch your feet. They may be adjustable or not. Some will allow you to get on and off the pedal with ease, while others strap your feet down to the pedal until you reach down and free them.

  • Clipless Pedals

Then, you have the clipless pedals that also come in various types and work with special spinning or cycling shoes with cleats. Connection depends on the compatibility between the pedal design and the cleats.

Today, we’re reviewing the Wellgo E229 Spin Bike Pedals, that utilizes a combination of the second and third systems. Allow us to walk you through its strengths and limitations. We’re with you if you think shopping for a pair is an undertaking worth your time and attention.

Moreover, we’ll also show you alternatives to the Wellgo E229 Spin Bike Pedals. If you’re new to spin bike pedals, then not only will this review give you an idea of how the product-in-review will perform but also widen your options and knowledge on spin bike pedals through its competition.


The Wellgo E229 Spin Bike Pedals come with the following features:

  • Solid construction

Whether you are looking to replace the insubstantial stock pedals of your indoor bike or a replacement pair has died on you, the Wellgo E229 Spin Bike Pedals make for a trusty pair. It comes with an aluminum body and chromium molybdenum spindles.

Each pedal measures 100.5 x 79 x 34 mm and the pair tip the scales at 790 grams.

  • Standard thread size

The Wellgo E229 Spin Bike Pedals have 9/16” spindles that are a match for standard spin bike models.

  • Two-sided design

These indoor bike pedals are made to accommodate both those who wear regular athletic trainers and those who don special cycling shoes. One side is fitted with an adjustable strap while the other face is designed for an SPD interface.

The kit comes with two pedals and two clip straps. You’ll also find two 98A SPD cleats for your clipless cycling shoes—if you prefer to take that route.


  • Works with both regular and clipless cycling shoes
  • Installs easily
  • Comes with complimentary cleats
  • Reasonably priced


  • Somewhat heavy


  • Schwinn Triple Link Pedals

If you love the Wellgo E229 Spin Bike Pedals but find them a bit wanting, then the Schwinn Triple Link Pedals are something worth looking into. It comes with extra features that you will love especially if you also do outdoor riding. Whether the fact that you can buy around three of the product-in-review for its price is worth it or not, depends on you.

An outstanding feature of the Schwinn Triple Link Pedals is that it supports three link systems; whereas, most spin pedals can only support as far as two systems just like our product-in-review. First, these pedals come with a removable basket that works with normal athletic trainers. Second and third, its two-sided pedal design lets you work it with either LOOK Delta cleats or SPD cleats. So, if you do outdoor cycling, then having the Schwinn Triple Link Pedals on your indoor spin equipment affords you a seamless transition.

  • Diamondback Bike Pedals with Toe Clips and Straps

If the price is a concern and both of the products above are beyond your budget, then the Diamondback Bike Pedals with Toe Clips and Straps might be the one for you. For the price of the product-in-review, you can already buy two of these. Understandably, the price sets some limitations on the product.

For one, unlike the Wellgo E229 Spin Bike Pedals, there’s no side specifically designed to work with SPD-compatible shoes. Being bike pedals with toe clips and straps, however, it does accommodate spinning shoes and regular athlete trainers. This makes them perfect for beginners and intermediate riders. And normally, they’re easy to get your feet in and out of.

Still, since the toe clips and straps are barely adjustable, your footwear may not find the best fit with the Diamondback Bike Pedals with Toe Clips and Straps. And if you prefer wearing minimalist shoes, then you’ll definitely find them too loose. This leaves the toe cage limited in fetching you the speed boost you’re looking for. But if you consider yourself a novice or an intermediate cyclist, then the pedals may work for you.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for stock replacements, then the Wellgo E229 Spin Bike Pedals offers you good value for your money. You get a pair that allows you to train with regular kicks through its adjustable strap system, as well as with SPD-compatible footwear through the other side of the pedal that supports SPD cleats.

And speaking of cleats, this kit comes with two complimentary 98A SPD cleats. So, whether you already have clipless cycling shoes or looking to transition to a pair, the Wellgo E229 Spin Bike Pedals already has you covered. And with its aluminum alloy and chromium molybdenum construct, it has a solid look and feel to it that you know will last you for years.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, HomeFitnessEdge may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI-prices are accurate, and items in stock as of time of publication.

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