VUP Silicone Bike Phone Mount Review

VUP Silicone Bike Phone Mount Review

Gone are the days when using mobile phones while riding a bike or cycling wasn’t safe at all. Back in the day, people had to, and some of them still, stop somewhere to receive their phone calls or to simply check notifications.

Now, there are apps available to help you access your mobile phone while cycling and biking. Apart from these apps, we have another better alternative—bike phone mounts.

Like a car phone mount, bike phone mounts let you access your mobile while riding. Thus, you can easily play your favorite songs, make a call, or even use your favorite app while having a safe bike ride. To help you find the best bike phone mount, we have reviewed one of the best options today—the VUP Silicone Bike Phone Mount.

VUP Silicone Bike Phone Mount

VUP offers a wide range of cycling and running accessories, and you will also find backpacks and armbands among their top-rated products. Likewise, the VUP Silicone Bike Phone Mount offers some outstanding features as well.


  • Compatibility

This mobile mount is suitable for a variety of cell phones including iPhone 5 to iPhone 8 Plus and Xs Max. Plus, it fits well with a broad range of Android mobiles like Galaxy S8 plus, Nexus, LG, and Nokia.

If you have mobile cases from Otterbox or Lifeproof, then this phone mount can also well adjust with them. If your mobile’s screen lies under the measurement of four to six and a half inches, then you are good to go because this phone mount is compatible with all mobile screens within that size range.

  • Unique, Versatile Design

The product comes in a unique and accessible design that lets you enjoy mobile features easily. In addition, the holder doesn’t block the mobile camera. So, if you want to shoot a video or click a picture while riding, you can do that without even removing the holder.

From scooter and bike to shopping carts and strollers, this product can be installed on any handle you want. Furthermore, you can adjust this mobile mount on any style of bike or scooter conveniently. Once tightened, it stays firm on the handle.

  • Durable Body

With its silicone body, the product keeps your mobile free from shocks and vibrations. Thanks to its four-corner silicone clips, your mobile stays safe and secure in its place.

Aside from holding on to your mobile so that it doesn’t fall, it  also absorbs the shocks and sudden moves when riding on rocky terrain. Lastly, the silicone body adds durability to the product so that you can use it for a longer time.

  • 360-Degree Rotation

The 360-degree rotation helps you adjust your mobile phone on the bike handle in the way you want. You can place it horizontally or can fix it vertically to enjoy full-screen mode. This 360-degree rotation feature not only lets you enjoy hands-free mode, but it also optimizes the accessibility of mobile phone features.

  • Installation

In just a few minutes, you can easily install this phone mike on your bike or scooter. All you need to do is to fix your mobile phone in the silicone mount, secure its corners with silicone clips, and adjust your phone in a suitable position on your bike handle. Lastly, secure the mount by locking the belt with its hole.

  • Anti-Dirt Silicone Pad

This phone mount also has an anti-dirt silicone center pad that keeps your mobile phone free from dust and dirt. No matter how fast you ride, this sturdy silicone pad will keep your mobile safe and away from dust.

  • Rubber Grooved Clip

With a rubber grooved clip present on the back of the silicone pad, this product will definitely sit firmly on the handles of bikes and cycles. The anti-slip rubber groove prevents your mobile from slipping away even in rough or rocky terrains.

  • Color

This unit is available in black, which means that no matter what color your mobile phone is, this product will match well with it.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Keeps your smartphone secure and protected
  • Can be used on rough terrains
  • Available at a very affordable price
  • Can access your mobile features and jacks without removing the mount
  • Allows you to use your mobile phone’s hands-free mode


  • Its rubber body can easily wear out if used roughly

Summary of the Features

The VPU Silicone Bike Phone Mount lets you use your cellphone while riding a bike. In addition to that, its silicone body also prevents your mobile phones from shocks, slips, and falls. You can plug in the input jacks of your mobile phone easily due to its unique design.

Featuring a 360-degree rotation technology, anti-slip groove, and anti-dirt pad, this mobile phone mount is ideal for all bikers, cyclists, and adventurers.

Comparison with a Similar Bike Phone Mount

Finding the best product involves comparing the selected items together thoroughly. The comparison not only helps you find the right one but it also tells you about the other features available in different products. Therefore, we have compared our best pick with one of the similar option—the Bike Phone Mount by BOVON.

While comparing the screen compatibility, we got to know that BOVON’s support fewer screen sizes than the VUP phone mount. It can only fit devices with a screen that measures four to six inches. Hence, our picked option wins the race of compatible screen sizes.

Like the VUP mount, the BOVON mount also features 360-degree rotation and supports a wide range of mobile phones. However, the BOVON lacks an anti-dust pad feature, which is crucial to protect your mobile phones from the elements.

Lastly, both of the products are available at the same price. Nevertheless, the VPU phone mount ensures a scratchless installation to keep your mobile secure. When we compare brands, VUP is also better in terms of brand recognition.


If you want safe bike rides, we suggest you to try using VUP Silicone Bike Phone Mount. This phone mount not only ensures road safety as you use your mobile phone, but it also keeps your device safe from jerks, vibrations, and dust.

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