Spinning vs Cycling: Which Suits You Best?

Spinning vs Cycling: Which Suits You Best?

People nowadays are so immersed in outdoor and indoor activities to keep their bodies in good shape and lose and burn the calories collected from all the food we eat. Some go to the gym at least three times a week. Others prefer to buy gym equipment and do their work out at home. This led to the battle of spinning vs cycling. Which one is suitable for you?

Spinning vs Cycling

As we age, we become conscious of our body’s strength and endurance. We become mindful of the food we consume. Some might have even started complaining about pain in their lower back and knees. Experts usually advise spinning or cycling for these cases. But, is there really a difference between the two? Which one is better and convincing to do? Let’s find out.

What Is Cycling?

Cycling is the use of bicycles for either transport, exercise, recreation, or sport. People engaged in this activity are referred to as “cyclists.” It is also called biking or bicycling.  And although considered as a full body workout, it is gentler compared to running.

Usually, one is advised to do three cycling workouts weekly. One is a short ride of 30 minutes, another is a moderate ride of 45 minutes, and the last one is a long ride of 60 to 120 minutes. You can do longer rides as you get comfortable with it.

Some Health Benefits of Cycling

  • It burns about 450 to 750 calories per hour, depending on your speed, weight, and time spent biking.
  • It is a non-weight bearing activity, so it is better for your joints and knees.
  • It does not cause much muscle soreness.
  • It tones a variety of muscle groups such as calf, thigh, gluts, arms, shoulders, and foot.
  • It is an excellent way to enrich your pedaling style.
  • It is good for weight loss.
  • It helps reduce the risk of cancer.
  • It lessens stress and fat levels.
  • It helps enhance posture.
  • It lets you explore new places as it is an outdoor activity; hence helps uplift your mood when you’re feeling down.

Downsides of Cycling

  • It requires balancing and coordination of body with more pressure on joints
  • You need to have complete cycling gears as doing this outdoor activity allows for more risks of injury.
  • Proper maintenance of your bike is a must, and it can be tedious work especially for people who don’t have much time to spare.

Things to Keep in Mind When Cycling

Many are still doubting if cycling is a good exercise while some swear by it. Whichever side you’re on, here are a few important reminders.

  • Make sure you do your cycling that’s within your attainable distance especially if you’re a newbie to this activity.
  • Always protect your head by wearing a helmet.
  • Monitor first your body resistance to and from a certain place if you just started biking.
  • Don’t forget to bring an extra shirt, a bottle of water and a small towel always.
  • As it is a full body workout, you’ll sweat a lot. Therefore, make sure you stay hydrated throughout.

If you are physically and mentally ready to engage yourself in this activity, then give it a go!

What Is Spinning?

Spinning is indoor cycling. It involves using a stationary bicycle with a weighted flywheel in a classroom setting. It is also an organized activity and a form of exercise that focuses on strength, endurance, intervals, and recovery. It includes high intensity too for those who join races.

Spinning Class and Its Health Benefits

A spinning class lasts for about 30 to 60 minutes.  If you’re a beginner, then it is highly recommended to get an instructor to make sure you’re doing it properly. Otherwise, you’re an accident or injury waiting to happen.

Moreover, a spinning class will provide you with a structured environment. You’ll be with a group of people who would do the workout with you while upbeat and feel-good music plays in the background.  Sounds fun, right? Let’s go through some of its health benefits.

  • It burns calories quickly. Ideally, a 30 to 45-minute session burns about 400 to 600 calories, depending on the intensity of movements. Again, please lean on your trainer to guide you properly.
  • It is a low-impact exercise, making it suitable for people who are recovering from an injury.
  • It keeps the muscles warm and joints in tip-top shape, reducing the risks of injuries.
  • It is a stress reliever–just like most exercises. It also helps to make you feel better and boost your confidence.
  • It tones many muscle groups such as legs, hips, and thighs.
  • It is a good alternative for jogging or biking, especially when the weather outside is dreadful.
  • It brushes up your socializing skills which can be considered healthy most of the time.

 Cons of Spinning

  • Spinning classes may be pricey.
  • You don’t get far or reach and explore new places even after hours and hours of pedaling.

Tips to Prepare for a Spinning Class

  • Choose a good and knowledgeable trainer. You’d surely enjoy doing indoor cycling more with such an instructor.
  • Show up a few minutes early so that your mind and body and conditioned and all set before the instructor comes in.
  • Fuel up with a healthy and light pre-workout meal and make sure to keep your body well hydrated during and after the class.
  • Do daily stretching and make time for warm-up and cool-down routines to prevent unnecessary stress on your muscles. These will prevent injuries, too.

Final Thoughts

Both activities are efficient ways to burn calories and lose weight. They also provide highly similar health benefits to the body.

Outdoor cycling makes you feel great and allows you to explore new places. Spinning makes you feel great too and allows you to meet new people and brush-up your socializing skills. Do you know what that best part is? You can do both! Just not at the same time, of course.

Spinning vs cycling is not a one-way-or-another thing. Some may find cycling more suitable for them. Others may opt for spinning instead. But this does not mean you only have to choose one.  Both are good workouts for everybody. And whichever you prefer at the moment, just remember to do it in moderation and with the proper guide and gear. It’s going to be an intense yet fun and unique experience after all.

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