Spin Bike Maintenance: The How To’s

Spin bike maintenance is imperative to keep your bike in tip-top shape. Sure, a high-end bike might last longer than a low-quality one but maintaining your bike, no matter what quality it is, will ensure that you can use it for years. After all, your bike is one of your tools in keeping yourself healthy and strong. Spin bike maintenance requires little to no elbow grease if you are really serious about keeping your bike in good condition.

All you need are a few basic tools which include wrenches with different sizes, a chain lube, a spin bike polish, and a clean cloth for wiping.

Spin Bike Maintenance: The Key Areas of Importance


No matter how intense your spin workout is, one thing’s for sure; you are going to sweat. Your clothes and your towel may be able to absorb some of the sweat, but there is a high chance that it will go on the bike itself.

Sweat can “eat away” the product’s paint and powder coat. Thus, in the long run, it might go into the metal frame, and it may cause rusting. Therefore, it is necessary to wipe your spin bike after each workout to keep such from happening.

The parts of the bike that you need to wipe down, according to the Madd Dog Athletics, include the following:

  • Flywheel
  • Handlebar
  • Front leg assembly
  • Back leg assembly
  • Brake and knot bolt assembly
  • Chain guard
  • Pop pins
  • Leveling feet

Brake Mechanism

The brake mechanism needs to be checked once, approximately, every two months. If in case your brake has a felt pad, you need to spray it with silicon until it is thoroughly soaked. Doing this increases the life of the pad. In addition, putting a small amount of grease on the threaded rod part will reduce wear and make adjusting the brake easier.


This part needs to be greased twice a year if you have a chain-driven spin bike. Such is done by carefully removing the screws from the chain cover to expose the chain. Furthermore, if there are large amounts of fouled grease, it needs to be removed first using a degreaser before you proceed. However, if there is none, apply a small amount of oil around the chain by using a paper towel.

Frames and Pedals

It pays to check if the bolts of your spin bike are all tight because ignoring it can cause you injuries or may damage the bike. Moreover, this removes bike noise and ensures that you are exercising on a stable platform. The pedal also needs to be tightened to its crank because if they are not, a hardened pedal, in the long run, will strip out the softer crank thread which will result to pedals not remaining on the bike.

Magnetic Spin Bikes: Are They Really Maintenance-Free?

If you are a person who does not want to get your hands dirty, you might consider getting a magnetic spin bike. According to some manufacturers, these bikes require little to no maintenance because they use a different type of technology.

Let us first learn about magnetic-resistance bikes for us to be able to determine if they do not require maintenance.

Magnetic-resistance bikes generate resistance through a series of steps. Its resistance system uses the flywheel and two powerful magnets. Also, the flywheel acts as a magnetic conductor. When you cycle, the flywheel continues to rotate, and it hinders the magnetic field between the two magnets which results in the creation of resistance force.

In addition, these magnets do not touch the flywheel, and the resistance level adjustments are done through the knobs and buttons on the console of the bike. Also, the resistance level remains the same all throughout your workout.

The ideal thing about these bikes is that they have a smooth and quiet operation. That is because no parts come in contact to create resistance. Hence, this might be the perfect bike in residential areas where there are noise restrictions.

Also, its magnetic resistance changes with the cycling speed so the higher the bike speed, the stronger its resistance. Moreover, unlike friction-resistance bikes, the resistance levels of magnetic bikes are marked.

Unfortunately, magnetic spin bikes will require some getting used to because of the magnets. Nevertheless, this is a positive thing for the reason that it will help improve your fitness level and more enticing because of the challenge.

However, magnetic spin bikes are not maintenance-free. The good news is that they only require less maintenance, unlike friction-resistance bikes. That is because you no longer need to lubricate and clean parts to prevent corrosion, as well as dust them regularly.

That is owed to the fact that in magnetic spin bikes, no parts come in contact. Hence, wear and tear of the bike’s components do not happen, or in case it happens, such will only be for a few users.

The only maintenance it needs is tightening of wires and screws which is done after a few years of using it for regular workouts.

The Conclusion

As mentioned above, spin bike maintenance is very important because this is key to using your spin bike longer than usual. Keeping your spin bike well-maintained also prevents injuries due to loose nuts and bolts.

That is because such incidents may cause parts to fly while you are spinning, which, of course, we do not want to happen. In addition, spinning is one of the best exercise regimens around so you will need a spin bike that is functioning well to be able to work out properly.

Having a magnetic spin bike in your house or apartment, on the other hand, could be a good choice if you do not like tinkering with stuff. That is because it is an exercise machine that only requires very low maintenance.

In conclusion, no matter what spin bike you would want to use, what is more important is for you to get a good, regular workout so you can stay healthy. You must also always consider your safety by making sure that you follow the right spin bike maintenance procedures mentioned above.

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