Pro Indoor Cycle Trainer LD577 Review

Pro Indoor Cycle Trainer LD577 Review

The Pro Indoor Cycle Trainer LD577 is a highly-performing spin bike which can be used at home or in a gym. With robust and durable construction, the bike can represent a step up from the regular entry-level designs.

This works for both the durability of the design and the performance of the bike. With a 50-pound flywheel design, you can rest assured you will get a smooth experience which is challenging at the same time.

With an LCD to monitor performance, you will be much more likely to reach your workout performance indicators in terms of heart rate, calories, time or distance.

With a robust commercial-grade design, you can rest assured that the Pro Indoor Cycle Trainer LD577 will have a long life. Its design allows it to tackle weight of up to 551 lbs, making it the perfect choice for overweight people as well.


  • 50 lb flywheel
  • Bright and dark flywheel design
  • Complex workout data reading with the LCD display


  • Durable construction
  • Digital data display
  • Heavy flywheel
  • Easy to adjust seat


  • Resistance level changes could be more precise


The Pro Indoor Cycle Trainer LD577 is one of the spin bikes which can be used both at home and at the gym. Since it comes with such a sturdy construction it is recommended for all types of users.

But heavier users who can`t make it to the gym might benefit the most from its durable frame and comfortable seat.

The seat is easy to adjust. As you might expect from a quality product, you can adjust the seat both horizontally and vertically.

Since the system is straightforward, it can be used by all family members providing a good workout for people of all ages.

The heavy flywheel is another major advantage of the sturdy design. Although it might take longer to start and stop cycling, the flywheel is perfect for the moment when you want to keep the elevated heart rate which is the base for weight loss.

But the bike can also be used for weight management and toning the muscles. However, the heavy flywheel and the sturdy construction recommend it for the users looking to lose weight and need a solid bike for cardio workouts at home.

There is no real difference to commercial-grade spin bikes, which means you`ll get all the features you need to push for your fitness goals and track your progress through the LCD display.

The display offers a complete range of workout data indicators. Apart from RPM readings, the display will also show you the calories you burn during a workout.

This can keep you on track with performance and can be a good base if you want to train with goals. For example, for your next cycling session, you can set the goal of burning 300 calories.

The time in which you burn the calories will depend on the cycling intensity. But in the end, you get to burn your target calories.

The LCD display also allows you to track the time spent on the bike. This means you`ll get to see the workout length and can also use this variable to plan your next workouts.

One of the advanced indicators which come with the LCD display is the heart rate monitoring function. This top feature can offer you a clear indication of the effort you put in your cycling sessions.

For weight loss, you should generally aim at maintaining a rate which is higher than 120 bpm. This will allow you to burn fat up to two hours after the workout since it will boost your metabolism and calorie burning efforts.


The Pro Indoor Cycle Trainer LD577 is a complete alternative for dedicated fitness enthusiast at home. Since it comes with above-average build quality, it can handle commercial gym use as well. But its true strength lies in the 551 lb weight capacity.

This recommends it for heavier users looking to lose weight. Of course, these type of new users might lack the motivation to keep on the routines, this is why the basic data reading on the LCD display can add some much-needed variation the cycling sessions.

Compared to the ProGear 100S Exercise Bike, the LD577 offers improved weight capacity. Even more, the LD577 offers double the weight capacity which recommends it for all types of users.

The flywheel system is also much more oriented towards performance at all levels. The ProGear 100s comes with a 22 lb flywheel, the LD577 offers a 50 lb flywheel.

This means you can expect better performance in terms of effort and smoothness. This is why the Pro Indoor Cycle Trainer LD577 can be considered a premium design in the comparison as it offers a much more durable design which is aimed at the dedicate user.


The Pro Indoor Cycle Trainer LD577 offers one of the most interesting designs on the market. Its premium features allow it to be considered both a commercial and a home use option.

The good news is that it comes with unrivaled weight capacity and this recommends it as an alternative for heavier users or those overweight users who are just starting out. For those users, fitness can represent a challenge at the beginning.

Running is not an option as it can damage the knees in the early stages of the weight loss process. This is why cycling with a bike like the Pro Indoor Cycle Trainer LD577 can be the best alternative.

With complete data readings with the LCD display, the spin bike offers a real solution for the dedicated user. It would be recommended to use the bike at least a few times per week as it is aimed at maximizing performance at all levels.

The bike is also easy to use as it comes with one of the simplest adjustment seats on indoor bikes. With so many options to choose from to achieve your fitness goals, the Pro Indoor Cycle Trainer LD577 would represent a good option for you if you need a sturdy design with complete workout data readings.

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