Pro Form Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

pro form recumbent exercise bike

There are some obvious and great perks of working out at home.

For starters, you don’t have to worry about others judging you, what you’re wearing, how much you sweat, and so on.

In order to have a good cardio session at home, one of the most effective equipment you can use is the indoor exercise bike.

This is a great way to boost your cardio fitness and is much safer than road cycling.

If you are keen on getting one for yourself, might we suggest the Pro Form Recumbent Exercise Bike?

Check out our detailed review of it below.

Pro Form Recumbent Exercise Bike

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The Pro Form Recumbent Exercise Bike is an excellent indoor exercise bike for people at any level of fitness.

The bike comes from a well-known and highly trusted brand in the fitness industry.

Pro Form is known for its massive range of fitness products and equipment.

In fact, several top-rated gyms across the country use many of their high-end workout machines.

The brand is particularly known for its wide range of treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes.

In spite of being so well-known and providing high-quality fitness products, this Pro Form exercise bike is a budget-friendly bike.

The company has not cut corners with the bike’s overall build and performance and offers this exercise bike at a reasonable price point.

You can be assured that this bike will not just offer you phenomenal performance but will also last you for a very long time if taken care of correctly.

Who Is This Exercise Bike For?

The Pro Form Recumbent is for those people who are looking to find a good solution to lose weight without having to go to the gym.

The exercise bike aids the user in getting a toned lower body and an overall healthy lifestyle.

This exercise bike is a great way to strengthen your major muscle group that supports the leg, thigh, back, and hamstring.

Furthermore, this is a great option for older folks who have weaker joints because it does not put any immense pressure on the joints when you work out.

This exercise bike is also a brilliant way to get your heart-rate pumping and to add a cardio workout in your daily regime.

The bike is built well and is perfect for beginners as well as professional athletes.

Best of all, this exercise bike is perfect for those who tend to have back issues, as it comes with a cushioned seat with backrest that is completely adjustable.

What’s Included?

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The bike’s internal parts, including the flywheel, servo motor, pulley, belt, and crank arms, arrive already assembled and attached to the mainframe.

The parts that you will have to attach to the bike are the seat, base bars, console, backrest, handlebars, and pedals.

All in all, the assembly process will take up to an hour.

The company provides you with a basic tool kit, along with all the necessary parts to attach them.

The only thing you need to remember is to have your Phillips screwdriver ready.

There is also a manual that provides all the necessary information and schematics for the assembly of the unit.

Overview of the Features

The Recumbent Exercise Bike comes with some amazing features that make it a great exercise bike option for absolutely anyone, regardless of their fitness level.

Some of the features of this bike include:

  • Large LCD Screen

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The bike comes with a large LCD display that provides you with real-time data of your workout, including distance, calories, watts, and so on.

It also gives you the ability to control your ride and your training process the way you would like it.

This allows you to understand what kind of workout works best for your current body situation.

  • Resistance

The highly effective inertia-enhanced flywheel offers the user with 18 levels of resistance by simply pushing a button.

Furthermore, this is a magnetic resistance, which means that it makes no unnecessary noise when you work out.

  • Multiple Workout Apps

The bike comes with 18 workout apps, and you can choose among them to find one that suits your needs perfectly.

This is particularly great as you can find one that perfectly matches your level of fitness, along with your body type and how much time you have.

  • Adjustable Seat

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The star feature of this indoor exercise bike is its recumbent seat.

In addition to being completely cushioned and adjustable, the seat is quite massive in size and also comes with a cushioned backrest.

This is something that you do not find in many indoor exercise bikes.

As such, working out on this bike is much more comfortable and also provides you with ample support and stability.

  • Capacity

The bike’s overall built is quite solid and is capable of holding up to 275 pounds of weight.


  • Large LCD screen
  • Multiple workout apps
  • Adjustable and cushioned seat with backrest
  • Comes with warranties on frame and parts
  • 18 levels of resistance
  • Quite comfortable to use


  • Does not come with a heart rate monitor

How to Make the Most out of This Exercise Bike

This exercise Bike is a highly comfortable and easy-to-use exercise bike.

If you are looking to know how you can make the most out of it, then we recommend checking out this video.

It also talks about how to assemble the bike correctly.


If knowing your heart rate while working out is crucial to you, then we recommend checking out the Vanswe Recumbent Exercise Bike.

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This bike has very similar features as its counterpart, but it comes with a heart rate monitor that detects your heart rate when you hold down the hand pulse sensors.

This bike has a higher weight capacity compared to its counterpart; however, it has slightly fewer levels of resistance.

Its seat is also comfortable, just like its counterpart, and can be adjusted as per your height, too.


We can say with certainty that we were quite impressed with the Pro Form Recumbent, and who wouldn’t be!

This is a great exercise bike with amazing features and is quite comfortable to use.

It is great for people of any age and any level of fitness.

This is a fantastic exercise bike, and we highly recommend that you purchase this right away!



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