Is Spin Bike Good Exercise: The Facts

Is Spin Bike Good Exercise: The Facts

Using the bicycle is probably one of the best fitness exercises that you can do. The problem is that cycling outdoors does pose a bit of a challenge for some persons, so people use indoor stationary bikes. Nonetheless, some still wonder and ask, “Is spin bike good exercise?”

For starters, the best way to know if something is a good exercise or not is to try it yourself. Attend a spin class for several weeks and document any results. It is expected that the exercise should reduce your body fat and body mass index, as well as increase your body’s energy and strength within a short period of time.

If you don’t want to do such and want a direct answer, this article can help you out since it will provide you with some much-needed information about spinning.

What is a Spin Bike?

A spin bike is an indoor stationary bike that is usually made of metal. It can be heavy or light in weight. Most manufacturers will design their bikes with transportation wheels to make them easy to move around.

The bike looks like a regular bike but requires the use of a flywheel, which weighs anywhere between 22 and 49 pounds. Basically, the heavier the flywheel, the more intense of a workout you will get. The bike is also outfitted with a tension knob that allows you to create roadside and outdoor conditions such as hilly terrains.

Anyone who spins is probably going to tell you that the one thing they hate about it is the seat. The seats on spin bikes can be pretty uncomfortable and cause discomfort and pain post workout.

Some spin bikes are also noisy, but those with a belt drive mechanism tend to be less noisy. To get the most comfortable riding experience, it is recommended that you adjust the handlebars and the seat to accommodate your body. It is also suggested that you invest in cycling shoes so that your foot can be fixed to the pedals.

What Do You Do in a Spin Class?

Spin classes have been actually around since the 1990s, but they have only become a bit of an obsession for some individuals over the past few years. Spin trainers claim that spinning is one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises that there is, and you can actually burn as much as 600 calories in a 45-minute period.

What makes spin classes a bit fun is the music that your instructor would use. Most of the class instructors and students will do their exercises in time with the music, so you will want to keep up!

In a spin class, you’re not just cycling, but you are going to spend a lot of time off your seat. You will probably do a lot of pulling ups and downs which will benefit your abs and lower back so long as you maintain a decent posture. Most bikes also have a digital display that allows you to track the progress of your workout or give you an idea if your spin exercise is effective or not.


One of the primary reasons why people exercise is to lose weight. Spinning is an excellent weight loss exercise, so this somewhat answers the question “Is spin bike good exercise?” In fact, with an intense session, you can burn 1000 calories in an hour.

Spinning also helps you build lean muscle as you lose unwanted body fat. The muscles of your legs and core will be more defined since they get the most work out. Some cross training elements in spin class will also help build your upper body muscles.

Spinning also helps build your strength. If you want to tone your entire body in an exercise session, then a spin class will offer you the best method to tone both your lower and upper body as you will spin at various speed levels and use different resistance settings.

If you want to maintain a healthy heart, spinning also provides a viable solution for you as it increases your heart rate and forces your heart to be more efficient; thus, making it stronger and healthier in the long run.


Some fitness experts think that spin classes can be a bit too intense for newbies. When compared to biking, or doing it on your own, you get several breaks and you are afforded the opportunity to slow down.

In a spin class, the momentum and energy are high, so there are few breaks or gaps in your workout session for you to catch a breath. It would definitely take some time for you to adjust to the pressures and demands of your spin class. Also, it is easy for novices to overexert themselves as they are not used to the vigorous exercise and can overdo it.

Apart from the disadvantages posed to novices, some trainers are of the belief that spin classes can make you gain weight in your thighs if you focus too much on spinning. Some people though may want this as it’s not fat but muscle.

Spinning can also cause weight gains as it makes you hungry immediately after and you will justify to yourself all the reasons why it is okay to have something unhealthy. If weight loss is your goal, you are going to have to do just more than spinning and add more resistance training, as well as a diet plan to your routine.

Is Spin Bike Good Exercise: The Conclusion

Using a spin bike is actually an excellent exercise. When using a spin bike, you use a lot of energy as you are using the largest muscles in your body such as your quadriceps and gluteus maximus.

If you are a novice though, you shouldn’t do vigorous workouts until your body gets comfortable with the intensity since you can have swollen legs or trouble walking afterward. Also, spinning should not be done as your only exercise if you don’t want to have big thighs!

Hence, to give a definite answer to the question “Is spin bike good exercise?” we conclude that when done properly, spin is a fat buster capable of lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

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