How to Use a Spin Bike

How to Use a Spin Bike

Cycling gives a good workout but we can’t always cycle outside when the weather is bad. Not every season gives great weather; either we have to deal with rainy days or blazing hot summers, so what should a cycling enthusiast do in those weather conditions? Invest in a nice spin bicycle of course.

This article will talk about how to use a spin bike and give some suggestions on how to make your workouts safe and effective.

Participating in an indoor cycling or spinning class can be nerve-wracking at first, but with exciting music as a backdrop and encouraging coaches and other motivated practitioners, it can be a very rewarding experience.

It might look like a challenge at first, but using a spin bicycle is actually easy. These are some of the steps you have to do in order to make your experience positive.

Tips On How to Use a Spin Bike

1.  Warm up prior to the workout

A good warm-up routine can increase blood circulation to your working muscles and this leads to a reduction in rigidity, fewer injury risks and an enhanced performance overall. Other advantages of warming up before a workout include preparing yourself for the psychological and physiological aspects of your spinning routine.

2.  Make adjustments if necessary

Stand right next to the seat and examine the height. The top of the seating must be right at the hip bone. Take off the knob on the bar situated beneath the seat and slip the seat up or down in order to adjust it to the height of your hip. Tighten the knob to secure it further.

Adjust the distance between the handlebars and the seat in order to correspond to the length of your forearm. Position your elbow at the front of the seat with your fingertips slightly touching the front of the bicycle. Take off the knob at the back once more to tighten it.

Climb on the seat and position your feet on the pedals. Get hold of the thin belt and pull it to secure the stirrup over each foot. Position the handlebars at a comfortable height. You must be able to reach them but the handlebars must not be so far that you feel strained or feel tension in your lower back.

Take off the knob beneath the bars in order to adjust up or down and secure it. Use the knob in front beneath the handlebars and turn it to the left to remove the resistance from the wheel.

Start pedaling and focus on the way your legs and knees feel. Whenever you bring the knee up, it must be at a 90-degree angle. Whenever the leg is extended completely, there should be a moderate bend in the knee. In case there is pressure forming on your knees, you have to modify your seat up, down, onward or back up so you will be more comfortable.

As you pedal, remember to keep your feet as flat as possible. Maintain a straight back and do not hunch over as you reach the handlebars. To increase resistance, turn the control knob to the right.

3.  Create an exercise program

The next thing you have to do to use a spin bike effectively is to create a safe and efficient cycling program. This is crucial whether you are going to do routines on your own or register for a class.

Factors like intensity, length and frequency will establish the base of your routine. If you want more specifics, you can have a talk with your trainer and let him or her design a routine that fits you.

Make sure that you plan a safe workout so you can follow your routine efficiently, without leading to injuries and just have fun during the training. It is a good idea to bring a bottle of water and a towel to class with you at all times as well.

If you want to do climbs or stand flats, you have to stop the need to support all your weight with the handlebars. Just use the handlebars for balancing and stability.

Spin bikes have been used since the early 90s and are still popular among avid fitness enthusiasts who can’t go out and cycle in the pouring rain, scorching sun or freezing winters. There are lots of gyms right now that conduct indoor cycling classes, and to this day, plenty of people register for these classes because cycling offers a significantly effective strength and cardio workout.

In fact, in a single class that runs 45 minutes, you can burn up to 600 calories over the course of the cycling. You will be able to work important body parts like your core, quads, calves, hamstrings and the glutes. Over time the routine can reduce your body mass index, help shed body fat and enhance your cardiovascular system.

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