How to Fix Broken Spin Bike Pedal: Your Easy and Practical Guide

How to Fix Broken Spin Bike Pedal: Your Easy and Practical Guide

There is a reason why many fitness centers have spins bikes. For one, spinning is a great calorie burner. Plus, it can also help outdoor cyclists do their training when riding a bike outside is not possible. Getting a spin bike at home is also a good idea if one wants to do their cardio exercises regularly. However, what happens if the pedals break and when the owner does not know how to fix broken spin bike pedal? Fortunately, fixing pedals is an easy task.

Understanding Pedals

Arguably, one will not be able to fix a broken spin bike pedal without understanding the pedals of the bike. After all, spin bikes come in different kinds and knowing which one you are trying to fix will be handy.


Flat pedals are the simplest of all pedals and most of the spin bikes on the market uses this kind of pedal. As its name suggests, this pedal is flat, big and often made with either plastic or metal. There is one advantage to the flat pedals as cyclists can use any kind of footwear including flip-flops. One can even choose to go barefoot in pedaling.

Toe Cage

Toe cage pedals are highly similar to flat pedals except they come with a cage for the toe and adjustable straps. The toe cage is intended to keep the feet in place. They are easy to use as cyclists merely need to slip their feet on to the cages and fit the straps securely. One can use any footwear with this kind of pedals even flip-flops. Users also can pedal it with barefoot.

Clipless Pedals

Clipless pedals are more sophisticated than the two other pedals discuss. One has to have matching clipping shoes with cleats.

As its name suggests, clipless pedals require clipping the shoes into the pedals through the cleats. Many cyclists prefer to use clipless pedals because it allows the feet to remain firmly planted into the pedals, thus allowing them to pedal faster.

Dual-Sided Pedals

The dual-sided pedal is a combination of clipless pedals and toe cage. This lets the user choose between using normal footwear or wear cleats matching shoes.

How to Fix Broken Spin Bike Pedals?

One can encounter several issues with the spin bike pedals. Fortunately, fixing them is easy to do. Here are some troubleshooting steps regardless of the pedal kind.

Loose Pedal Problem

Having a loose pedal is one of the most common problems with a spin bike as well as other kinds of bike. If the pedal seems loose, then you might want to do some tightening. You will need a pedal wrench for the job.

  • Check the bolt that connects the pedal. Sometimes the loose pedal problem is due to some loosening of the bolt. If the bolt is loose, then grab the pedal wrench to tighten the bolt. Keep in mind that the direction of turning the bolt depends on which pedal you are working on. If it is the right-side pedal bolt that needs tightening, then one should turn the bolt clockwise with the help of the wrench. If one is working on the left pedal bolt, then it should be rotated counterclockwise.
  • Check if the pedals are working fine again after tightening the bolt.


There are times when a pedal needs to be replaced completely. If you are sure that the pedals are indeed in need of replacement, then it is best to buy from the same maker to ensure compatibility. One cannot simply buy any parts of the bike for replacement as they may not work with your bike. If one is buying a different additional pedal that is not manufactured by the product maker of the spin bike, then make sure that the pedal is compatible with the bike.

Replacing the pedals means taking out the old one and installing a new one. The pedal wrench and a thread locker are needed.

  • Check the bolt of the pedal. If one is replacing the right side, then the bolt should be turned counterclockwise until the pedals come off. If the left pedal is the one being replaced, then turn the bolt clockwise until the pedal can be removed.
  • Grab the replacement pedals and connect them to the bolt. Place a drop or two of the thread lockers on the bolt, then fit the bolt to the hole.
  • Grab the pedal wrench and turn the pedals until they are tightly secured to the bike. If one is replacing the right side, then turn the pedals clockwise using the fingers until the bolt fits into the hole perfectly. The same process should be followed for the left pedal except that the pedals should be turned counterclockwise.

Check for Warranty

Most spin bike manufacturers offer some warranty or guarantee for their products. If the bike is still under warranty, then you can call the product maker to seek help for repair or replacement of the parts. Knowing how to fix broken spin bike pedals is great as this can be done at home, but if your bike is still under warranty, then let the product maker handle the problem as they are the best people to do this.

Read the Manual

Spin bike manufacturers provide a manual along with the product, which would include some essential troubleshooting guide for users. Make sure that you read the product manual before attempting to do any repair on the bike.

Fix It Like A Pro

Troubleshooting pedal problems of a spin bike are not rocket science. If you feel that the pedals feel loose or are not attached securely, then check the bolts if they have become loose and need tightening.

If the bike pedals need replacement, then you may check if the product is still under warranty so that you can call the manufacturer for help in the replacement. Otherwise, relax and don’t fret as replacing the pedal at home is doable. One only needs a pedal wrench and the spare parts. Just make sure you are following the instructions provided in the manual.

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