How Do Spin Bikes Work and Why You Should Try It

How Do Spin Bikes Work and Why You Should Try It

Spin bikes are the latest fad in fitness, and it is often considered as a celebrity workout. Celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Brooke Sheilds, Anderson Cooper, Katie Holmes, and several others swear by it. So, how do spin bikes work and why should you give it a try?

While SoulCycle may not be for everyone, considering how expensive those classes are, you can also consider to invest in a spin bike and ride it in the comfort of your home. This workout equipment is perfectly sized and barely takes any space.

Best of all, it is quite easy on the pocket too. However, we highly recommend joining a less expensive spin class near you to experience the true benefits of a spin bike.

These bikes are designed in a manner to help you reach your weight-loss goals. They provide you with a full-body workout by drawing most of the major muscle groups in the body into the motions.

These are unlike your regular stationary bikes that don’t provide many exercises for the upper half of the body. With the regular and vigorous use of spin bikes, you will definitely notice a considerable change in your whole body.

What Are Spin Bikes?

Spin bikes are also called indoor cycling bikes. It provides users with resistance levels that are quite different from upright bikes. Spin bikes have a flywheel that is weighted, and that goes through a transmission system before it connects to the pedals.

This whole system is indeed very similar to an actual bike. However, the direct contact braking along with this system provides you with the resistance needed while you cycle. As such, you get to experience a workout like you have never experienced before.

How Do Spin Bikes Work?

These bikes are specially used for intense cardio training. In certain gyms, you will find rooms that are exclusively dedicated to spin cycling. These rooms will hold dozens of spin bikes, and people work out together in groups, allowing them to be capable of burning a good 500 calories in one hour.

One of the biggest reasons why people can burn calories on this bike at such a high rate has mainly got to do with their design. Let us take a look at how it actually works.

  • Construction

In terms of their construction, these bikes are designed in such a manner that it holds the user’s weight and have a rapid cycling motion. This is with the help of special wheel design and the bike’s sturdy construction. It only has one front wheel that is connected to a weighted flywheel, which has the pedals attached to them.

There is a special knob located in the front or in the middle of the handlebar that allows for tension level adjustments. The pedals come with straps to hold the cyclist’s feet in place, which is necessary during very high speeds.

The construction of this bike is extremely strong so that it can withstand the stress of the high speed and all the constant body position changes. The seats on this bike are typically smaller than a regular bike seat, which many new riders find uncomfortable.

  • Using the Bike

When a user has to operate the spin bike, he does not sit on the seat to pedal. In most spin classes, their regimens are designed to mimic outdoor cycling by constantly changing the terrain.

The attendees in the class get instructions from the trainer to constantly stand and cycle rapidly for specific time periods. These alternate from standing on the pedals to even crouching on top of the seat.

In a spin class, this is referred to as jumping. Cyclists are also told to constantly change the tension on the flywheel so that it can mimic situations ranging from climbing hills to a rapid downward descent.

  • Adjusting the Bike

If you are using the bike in a spin class, know that it has been used by multiple riders, which means it goes through a normal amount of wear and tear. Your instructor will ask you to adjust the bike before you begin your workout.

Ensure you stand fully on the bike without causing any extra strain on your back and arms. Adjust your pedal straps accordingly—tight enough to hold your foot but not leaving it numb. Other adjustments will include adjusting the tension knob.

Benefits of Using a Spin Bike/Spinning Workout

In order to decide if a spinning workout is really for you, here are some of the most common benefits that it offers.

  • Helps Burn Calories

Spending an hour in your spin class will allow you to burn about 500 calories. This is a huge number of calories burned when you compare it with other kinds of workouts. It’s important to note that this number also depends on how intense your workout is.

  • Helps Tone The Muscles

Regularly exercising on the spin bike will help you build muscle tone. A major part of the spin workout will focus on your core muscles, thighs, and buttocks. Increasing or decreasing the tension on the spin bike will resemble going up and down a hill.

Make sure that while you are pedaling, you work on your calves and thighs. If you correctly position yourself on the bike, you will also end up working on your abdominal muscles. Pedaling fast will help in burning fat and pedaling slow on a high tension will help you work on your muscles.

  • Helps Relieve Stress

It is a given that any kind of exercise you perform will help relieve stress from your body. However, joining a spinning class is a brilliant and an efficient way to deal with your stress. This is because, as a workout, it is very intensive and you are in a room with several people where you can also socialize. These classes are held by an instructor who can be motivating, and there’s also music, which makes it entertaining.

  • Helps Track your Progress

Most spin bikes come with devices that allow you to monitor and track the calories you have burnt in your workout along with the mileage and your pulse rate. Constantly looking at your progress will also prove to be a motivating factor to you.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article gives you a fair understanding of how do spin bikes work. These are very different from regular stationary bikes and aim to provide a full-body workout. If you are considering trying this one out, we highly recommend going to a spin class instead of buying a cycle and using it at home.

Being in a class along with other people is very motivating, and you will likely reach your target weight faster. Plus, it is also another way to gain new friends who have the same interests as you have.

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