GoPlus Exercise Bike Review

GoPlus Exercise Bike Review

The popularity of indoor cycling has grown, and it continues to gather new advocates due to its benefits, from weight loss down to a strengthened quad and core.

However, if you do not have time to go to indoor cycling and spinning classes, you might want to opt for a home indoor bike. Do not worry though because at the moment, there are lots of indoor bikes on the market from reputable manufacturers.

To make choosing a bike easier for you, we have reviewed several products. Check out this review of the Goplus Exercise Bike.

Features of GoPlus Exercise Bike

  • No-frills appearance
  • Sturdy, durable frame
  • Recommended for indoor exercising
  • Adjustable saddle and handlebars
  • Offers electrode-less speed change
  • Optimally-weighted flywheel
  • Top-down straightforward resistance system
  • Aluminum pedals and water bottle
  • LED display which shows speed, time, distance, heart rate and odometer


The GoPlus Exercise Bike is a kind of fitness bike that is meant to be used indoors. It is great for home use if you are not fond of attending spin or cycling classes at the gym. This is also a nice alternative for people who want to train anytime they need to. But how do you choose a good indoor bike? Here are some points you have to consider.

Comfort is an important factor to consider when buying an indoor bike. This GoPlus model comes with an adjustable saddle so users can modify the seat in a position that will make riding the bike more comfortable for them.

Furthermore, a nice set of wide pedals is also welcome so your feet will be kept in position. This GoPlus model in particular comes with good pedals.

A good indoor cycle also comes with an LCD display. This unit has an LED display which shows the time, speed, distance, odometer and the heart rate. These are the common stats provided by this model so users can keep track of their progress every time they work out. Not all indoor cycles feature the heart rate so this GoPlus bike has an edge over other models in the market due to the inclusion of this useful feature.

An indoor cycle should also include safety features. The unit must have straps in order to keep the feet in position and its base has to be made from quality, durable materials. For comfort, the design must be ergonomic as well.

This GoPlus model is ideal for mid-level exercise routines and beginners and is built with safety foot straps and bigger pedals so users won’t slip and can maintain safety throughout the program. It has a streamlined design so users can mount and dismount the cycle effortlessly.

In addition, a good exercise bike will not put unneeded stress and pressure on your back or other parts of your body. This model makes sure to do just that so you can achieve results without being in pain.

The unit has a display that provides readouts of essential stats during the workout. It shows the distance, time, speed, the calories burned during the exercise and much more. It is ideal for individuals who would like to use an exercise bike but do not have enough time to go to the gym due to work and other activities.

Workouts can be intense and draining so this unit features a bottle holder. It can be distracting and a bother to have to dismount the cycle and get a drink, so having a water bottle on hand is pretty useful. This particular model includes a water bottle so you can have a satisfying drink of water during the workout without getting off it.

Another feature you have to consider when it comes to exercise bikes is the weight capacity. This unit can accommodate up to 264 pounds which will be sufficient for most people. Before you purchase a model though you have to guarantee that it can take your weight. Stability is important since a bicycle which cannot accommodate your weight and is wobbly will not only make your workout uncomfortable, it can be unsafe too.

The GoPlus exercise bike is small enough to be placed in smaller homes or apartments yet still has the basic features one needs. The speed is simple to adjust and the readouts it provides will provide you ideas on the progress of your training. If you need an indoor bike that is good for light and mid-level fitness programs, then this is a great pick.


The only issue with this model is that it is better suited for people of average or below-average height. Taller people will have problems with this model. Furthermore, as stated earlier, this bike will suit beginners and light-to-mid-level workouts rather than advanced workouts.


There is no reason to invest in a low-quality indoor exercise bike. Good ones are always on hand, like this GoPlus Exercise Bike. If you are less than 6 ft. tall and need a unit that can tackle light and mid-level workout routines, this one will work for you.

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