Gavin Road Cycling Shoes Review

Gavin Road Cycling Shoes Review

Cycling is not only fun, but it is a form of exercise as well. Most experts even consider cycling as a better option than walking and running when it comes to health benefits since you can lose weight quickly without over exhausting yourself, provided you cycle twice a day. However, the fun sport may remain fun only if you have the right gear.

To begin with, the first thing you need for cycling is an excellent pair of shoes that can optimize your performance and efficiency. Shoes that can fit perfectly remain comfortable to wear for a long time and secure your feet to the pedals.

With the many available options though, choosing one can be a daunting task. Hence, to make it easier for you to find a quality pair of shoes, we have reviewed one of the most popular options for women out there, which is the Gavin Road Cycling Shoes.

Gavin Road Cycling Shoes

Gavin is a well-recognized USA-based brand that is known for its high-quality cycling shoes and other cycling accessories. The Gavin Road Cycling Shoes is one of the examples why Gavin ranks among the top brands when it comes to shoe manufacturers. Let us break down its features, pros, and cons to find out whether it is a good fit for your needs or not.


Made of flexible and durable synthetic leather in addition to breathable mesh, you will find the shoes comfortable and easy to wear. As the shoes allow the air to pass through, your feet will not sweat even after hours of cycling.

The shoe also features the molded heel cups that is a great help for those who also want support for their heels when cycling. On the other hand, the outsoles are made of nylon fiberglass that makes the exterior rigid, while the exterior is designed to boost the transfer of energy to the pedal strokes.

The heel tabs are made of reflective material, which means you can cycle even during the night. With loop straps and three adjustable hooks, the shoes are easy to adjust while you can also ensure a secure fit.

When it comes to compatibility, you can use them with Look, SPD, SPD-SL, and SPD-R cleats. The shoe does not come with cleats though, so you have to buy these separately.

Available in black color, the Gavin Road Cycling Shoes is designed for women. When buying, keep in mind that the Gavin Road Cycling Shoes run true to size or slightly small, and available in European sizes.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Designed for day and night cyclists
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Secure fit
  • Compatible with most common cleat styles
  • Helps improve your overall cycling experience
  • Lightweight


  • Cleats sold separately


For those who want to take their cycling to a higher level, but want to invest only on an affordable pair of road cycling shoes, Gavin Road Cycling Shoes is an excellent choice. Designed to boost your performance and efficiency, the comfortable and race-inspired shoe makes cycling an effortless and more fun exercise.

The materials used in manufacturing this pair of shoes are sturdy. The right soles are designed to transfer all your energy and power to move the pedals, which ensures your energy is not wasted and you get the best speed out of the energy applied. It doesn’t come with cleats as it is compatible with a variety of cleats; hence, you can buy any of cleats to your liking.

Since Gavin Road Cycling Shoes is made of breathable mesh and synthetic leather, you can wear it for hours without worrying about sweating and sore feet. The three strap incorporated also allows you to adjust and secure it perfectly to your feet.

Overall, it is an affordable, durable, comfortable, and breathable pair of shoes that can quickly boost your cycling performance.


When it comes to cycling shoes, you have a lot of excellent options that are made by some of the top shoe brands out there. For example, we can compare the Gavin Road Cycling Shoes with another women’s road bike cycling shoes from Tommaso to better understand different types and compare features.

First, if you compare brands, Gavin is more recognized and well-known compared to Tommaso which is a relatively new brand. Second, Gavin shoes are designed for road cycling or outdoor cycling, while the Tommaso Pista is designed for spin bikes or indoor cycling or spinning.

When it comes to fit, Tomasso features low-profile hooks and Velcro straps which is similar to the three straps integrated into the Gavin shoes. This means both offer a secure fit.

The sole of both shoes is made of fiberglass reinforced materials, which is best for power transfer. Both shoes are also compatible with SPD-SL and SPD cleats. Similarly, the two are made of breathable mesh which means they offer enough ventilation for your feet to keep them sweat-free.

Both are good for night cycling as well, as they feature reflective strips, and when it comes to design, they look similar as each comes with three straps at the top. However, the Gavin Road Cycling Shoes is available in black color, while Tommaso Pista is available in three different color combinations.

The real difference is that Gavin is more affordable and slightly lighter in weight when compared to Tomasso Pista. In addition, Gavin is compatible with more cleat styles.


To put it in simple words, the Gavin Road Cycling Shoes is a comfortable and long-lasting product that is designed to enhance your cycling experience. It improves pedal stroke power which means you can achieve high speed with less effort. With a secure fit, it also ensures safe foot-to-pedal connection and offers you better control.

All-in-all, Gavin Road Cycling Shoes is an excellent option for those who want to invest in cycling shoes only once in their life. It can remain with you for the decades to come. Since the price is also very affordable, the pair of shoes offers you the best value for your money.

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