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Spin Bike Versus Exercise Bike: Choosing the Right One for Your Home

If you want to improve cardiovascular and muscular endurance, as well as lose weight, then riding a bike is a surefire way to accomplish that. Bike riding, however, does have its downsides. We’re so often discouraged from riding our bikes because of safety concerns and unpleasant weather. On the other hand, stationary bikes make challenging […]

Are Folding Exercise Bikes Any Good: The Pros and Cons

Recent years have seen the rapidly rising popularity of folding bikes. Since better, more improved models have been released, there’s been an increase in the riders purchasing them. There isn’t any stopping the industry soon as it is expected to continue its upward climb until 2024. It probably comes as no surprise that the foldable […]

Types of Stationary Bikes: Which Is the Best?

types of stationary bikes 1

An exercise bike is a type of fitness equipment made to help you work out in your house. If you are busy with work or have a lot of commitments that would prevent you from going to the gym, a stationary bike can be a good workout machine. However, it is a bit difficult to […]

Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike Problems

magnetic resistance exercise bike problems

Exercise bikes can help you get that much-needed cardio when you don’t have the time to go out and do some outdoor activities. These indoor bikes can help you work up a sweat, and you won’t even have to leave the house. However, simply having an exercise bike is not enough. You need to know […]

What Is Spin Class? A Quick Overview

What Is Spin Class

Who doesn’t love a nice bicycle ride outside? That feeling of gliding through the air with the wind on your face is incomparable. Unfortunately, outdoor cycling isn’t always possible, especially if you have a tough schedule or the weather isn’t in your favor. This is why you should shift your focus to spin class. But, […]

What Does Spin Class Do to the Body?

What Does Spin Class Do to the Body

If you’ve ever been to the gym even for a second, you would have noticed a bicycle somewhere. That is a spin cycle, which is a conventional exercise machine and frequently thought of as ideal for weight loss. However, you may still be wondering: what is a spin class and what does spin class do? […]

Do I Need Cycling Shoes?

Do I Need Cycling Shoes?

Are you a beginner or a professional cyclist? Are you particular with what you wear when you do cycling that you ask yourself, “Do I need cycling shoes?” For some, having everything a cyclist should have is crucial while some are fine with having just the basics. In this article, we will find out if […]

Spinning vs Cycling: Which Suits You Best?

Spinning vs Cycling: Which Suits You Best?

People nowadays are so immersed in outdoor and indoor activities to keep their bodies in good shape and lose and burn the calories collected from all the food we eat. Some go to the gym at least three times a week. Others prefer to buy gym equipment and do their work out at home. This […]

What Muscles Does Spinning Work: Some Important Facts

What Muscles Does Spinning Work: Some Important Facts

A muscle is a band of fibrous tissue connecting two bones and produces motion when it contracts. Similarly, it is also an organ made up of a mass of muscle tissue such as the heart. If you’re keen on getting into a fitness regimen, burn more calories, and get the most results, then you should […]

How Should Cycling Shoes Fit?

How Should Cycling Shoes Fit?

Your cycling shoes should fit you properly for you to be able to make the most out of cycling, whether you do it in the outdoors or the indoors. They should feel comfortable, and shouldn’t be awkward to use, just like any regular shoes that you wear. These are just the generalities when considering how […]

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