Best Upright Exercise Bikes of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

An upright bike is one of the most popular fitness equipment for home use since it packs in your essential cardio with varying intensity levels.

The best upright exercise bike also takes minimal space, making it an excellent choice for small residences and not as expensive as other exercise bikes.

Most upright bikes these days also feature a recumbent position, so essentially you get a two-in-one function. Some may have even more features to make your workouts extra intense.

Best Upright Exercise Bike Review

1. Lanos Folding Exercise Bike

Lanos is a relatively new manufacturer of exercise equipment, but their product easily qualifies as one of the best upright exercise bicycles.

The company has managed to combine quality with convenience, which is exactly what you want in workout equipment.

The bike’s frame is sturdy yet lightweight, and its overall size makes it good for both gym and home use.


The Lanos Folding Exercise Bike is both an upright and recumbent bike, giving you two cycling options.

For those recovering from an injury, the recumbent position is more convenient since it prevents muscle soreness and fatigue.

The bike features a whopping ten levels of resistance. This way, it creates a wide range of workout intensity so you can gradually work your way up, especially if you’re new to biking on a stationary bike.

The Lanos bike, like most exercise bikes, has a balanced flywheel. It doesn’t make any loud noises, allowing you to workout without disturbing your roommates.

The large LCD displays all your vitals while you bike. The information you see includes your heart rate, speed, time, and calories burnt.

It also uses pulse sensors on the handles to get all this information. Speaking of handles, they are ergonomically designed to provide more comfort.

The pedals are slip-resistant, and you have a backrest that helps keep a straight posture and relax when you’re feeling tired.

The Lanos Folding Exercise Bike can withstand a weight of 330 pounds, which is quite a lot.

As for the height, with its adjustable seat, it’s suited for people between 4’5” and 6’7”, so virtually most adults.

Since it’s a foldable bike, it will not take much space when you’re storing it. On that note, when folded, its dimensions are 22 x 20 x 55.5 inches.

What We Like

The Lanos Folding Exercise Bike is an all-rounder since it features almost everything you could ask for in a bike.

Aside from the exercise features and good structure, it has a phone and tablet holder for you to work out while watching videos, listening to music, receiving calls, or even reading eBooks.

What We Don’t Like

It’s a pain to assemble this Lanos bike since there are a lot of parts. If you’re not good at assembling things, you’re in for a challenge.

Nonetheless, you will receive an assembly guide with pictures.


  • Multiple resistance levels
  • Quality construction
  • Ergonomic design with backrest
  • Space-saving; easy to store
  • Tablet or phone holder


  • A bit expensive
  • Hard to assemble


2. MaxKare Exercise Bike

The MaxKare Exercise Bike is one of those bikes that really give you a challenging workout.

With this in your home, you can cover half the exercise on traditional gym equipment because it also features arm resistance bands.

Just like the Lanos Folding Exercise Bike, this one is a combo of an upright and recumbent bike, so it’s good for all biking intensities.


The MaxKare bike can easily switch between upright and recumbent bike, whatever you prefer.

The arm resistance bands can be used for an upper arm workout while you pedal. Either way, you burn calories successfully.

In terms of resistance, this bike offers eight different levels, targeted for beginners to professionals.

Thanks to the magnetic wheel, the resistance is accurate without the noise you usually get from a chain fly.

The handles feature a sensor that measures your pulse rate, which would be displayed on its monitor.

The LCD panel is sleek and quite nicely designed, but the actual LCD on the panel is small.

The chair on this bike is big and height-adjustable, which adds to the comfort. Since it’s also a recumbent bike, it has a backrest. 

The MaxKare Exercise Bike’s frame looks sleek, but it’s actually heavy-duty.

Its overall weight capacity is 265 pounds, which could be higher, but enough to accommodate most adults.

Lastly, not only does the bike fold, but the seat also does, which makes it very easy to store. When folded, its overall dimensions are 18.5 x 9.8 x 52.7 inches.

What We Like

We love that the MaxKare Exercise Bike’s seat is really comfortable since it’s heavily padded.

It’s all the more relevant for heavier individuals because a bad seat can interfere with the workout.

Also, the resistance levels provide a wide range of training intensity, so virtually anyone can use it at any experience level.

What We Don’t Like

What bothers us is that the MaxKare Exercise Bike has a slot to keep your phone or tablet, but it is exactly at the bottom of the LCD console.

Thus, when you put your tablet, it hides the LCD, making it difficult for you to check how you’re doing real-time.


  • Multiple resistance levels
  • Space-efficient
  • Comfortable seat
  • Accurate pulse monitor
  • Three-in-one bike
  • Good value for money


  • Phone or tablet holder should be separate from the LCD console


3. pooboo Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

The pooboo’s Folding Upright Bike has made it easier to work out at your homes.

Its manufacturer promises a convenient yet challenging arm, abdomen, and lower body work out when you use this bike.


The pooboo Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike has a pair of 2,2-pound dumbbells and a pull rope.

It also has a belt drive system that won’t create chaos in your home, plus foam coated handles that give a firm grip for a perfect workout session.

You will also find a digital monitor that keeps an accurate record of your heart rate, calories burnt, speed, time, and distance cycled.

A large comfortable cushion for seating makes the pooboo Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike suitable for everyone.

The seat is also adjustable with a backrest, while its pedals and handles are anti-slip.

What We Like

As a foldable system that takes little space after a fun workout session, the pooboo Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is perfect for apartments, condos, offices, and small homes.

Its transportation wheels also make it easy to carry around.

Lastly, since it is pre-installed with two dumbbells and a pull rope, it offers great value for money since it is a two-in-one workout machine.

What We Don’t Like

The problem with the pooboo Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is that the monitor sometimes changes the pulse rates significantly, which affects the accuracy. 

In addition to this, the heart rate monitor has no on or off button. That means you can’t turn it off after exercising; it will stay on by default.


  • Convenient gym-like workout
  • Easy installation
  • Space-saving
  • Suitable for all adults and heights


  • The LCD could be better
  • Packaging needs improvement


4. Merax Magnetic Folding Exercise Bike

The Merax Magnetic Folding Exercise Bike is another piece of three-in-one equipment, combining the upright, recumbent positions, with armbands.

It has a sturdy frame with an ergonomic seat and backrest. Although the company is perhaps new on the fitness scene, it produced a nice bike overall.


The Merax Magnetic Folding Exercise Bike promises smooth and noise-free riding.

Its LCD keep track of your heart rate, calories burnt, speed, distance, and time. However, it’s quite small, so you may have to lean in a bit to view your stats.

The Merax Magnetic Folding Exercise Bike has a phone holder beneath the screen, which promises an entertaining and fun workout.

It also features two resistance bands to enhance your upper body strength as you work on your lower body.

Its padded seat gives comfort for long workout sessions, while the vertical adjustments make sure people of all heights can use the bike comfortably.

For easy pedaling and an intense workout, the Merax Magnetic Folding Exercise Bike has 10 magnetic tension options.

It also has pedals with shoe straps to ensure a safe workout session. There are also handles on the seat sides for you to hold on to when recumbent cycling.

In an upright position, its dimensions are 25 x 19.7 x 47.6 inches, and its weight capacity is a massive 350 pounds. 

What We Like

With an ultra-compact foldable design, you can easily fold and store the Merax Magnetic Folding Exercise Bike in a corner until your next session.

We also love that it has an easy convertible system that can instantly turn your upright stationary bike into a recumbent bike with a mere twist of a knob.

What We Don’t Like

Unfortunately, the backrest has no adjustable options for maintaining the height. However, you can put it down when not in use.

The LCD of the Merax Magnetic Folding Exercise Bike is also slightly smaller, even though the panel it is on is quite big.

Also, it’s battery-operated, so you’ll have to replace batteries when they die.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy flywheel with a smooth operation
  • Quiet exercise session
  • Easy to store


  • Plastic parts in the metal frame
  • Monitor batteries require occasional replacement


5. ATIVAFIT Indoor Magnetic Cycling Bike

The ATIVAFIR Indoor Magnetic Cycling Bike is another space-saving indoor exercise bike that can strengthen your legs and lower body muscles and burn your extra fat.

It’s one of the simplest machines on this list, with a particularly sleek and aesthetically pleasing design.


The ATIVAFIR Indoor Magnetic Cycling Bike offers eight levels of smooth magnetic resistance, which you can adjust easily to your specific needs. 

With a sturdy and stable design, it can withstand heavy individuals, a maximum of 265 pounds, to be exact.

The ATIVAFIR Indoor Magnetic Cycling Bike also has a digital monitor that shows your entire data, including heart rate, time, distance, and speed.

Also, with a screw design adjustable seat, it is comfortable for everyone.

As a super space saver, this cycle with folding capabilities can be stored even in a closet.

It also has an X-frame that reduces the bike weight, even more, making it easy to carry and store.

The ATIVAFIR Indoor Magnetic Cycling Bike also offers a quiet and peaceful cardio workout, with a phone or IPAD holder to make it full of fun.

You can watch all those workout YouTube videos or favorite shows to keep you going.

It also comes with a water bottle holder to keep you hydrated during the cycling session.

This ATIVAFIT bike has a fully adjustable system with handlebars that can be adjusted vertically.

You also get a padded seat, which you can balance both vertically and horizontally.

What We Like

The ATIVAFIR Indoor Magnetic Cycling Bike is lightweight and portable so that you can carry it around comfortably.

Its efficient monitor screen is also something to love since it keeps a full track of your session, motivating you further.

We also love that when folded, the bike is slim and small enough to be kept anywhere in your home, apartment, or condo.

What We Don’t Like

The weight capacity of the ATIVAFIR Indoor Magnetic Cycling Bike could be higher.

Also, for individuals over 5’7”, the upright position is not the most optimal.

It also lacks a backrest if that’s something you really need in your cycling workouts.


  • Modern LCD design 
  • Quiet run
  • Space-efficient
  • Easy workout
  • 12-month warranty


  • No backrest
  • Difficult to bike in a standing position for tall people

Which Exercise Bike to Choose?

Having the best upright exercise bike can really make a difference, and the five models we reviewed are all worth considering.

If you’re new to cycling on a stationary bike, getting a bike that offers a recumbent position is best.

You can build up your stamina and intensity of cycling slowly from recumbent to upright, as the latter is more demanding and burns more calories.

With that said, out of the choices above, we highly recommend the Lanos Folding Exercise Bike.

Although expensive, it is quality and ergonomically designed, as well as has a high weight capacity, wide-range of intensity levels, and accommodates most height.

If you also want to work on your arms, the Merax Magnetic Folding Exercise Bike would be a perfect choice because it also has the widest range of intensity levels.



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