Best Mountain Bike Pedals of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

best mountain bike pedals

You upgrade your mountain bikes to improve their efficiency and prevent any serious injuries from happening.

You don’t want to deal with bike repairs in the middle of the road or trail, so you need to keep the parts in check at all times.

Changing your bike pedals is one of the most important things that you need to do.

It is one of the parts that keep your bike going. Losing even one of the pedals would make the bike unusable.

We listed down some of the best mountain bike pedals that you can use to replace or upgrade your current one.

Best Mountain Bike Pedals

1. FOOKER MTB Pedals

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If you are looking for affordable and high-quality mountain bike pedals, Fooker is one of the best brands to consider.

Most of their bike pedals are very comfortable to use, and you can enjoy them for half the price of a more expensive brand.

Product Highlights

FOOKER MTB Pedals is very durable with its rugged nylon fiber surface along with a high strength Cr-Mo spindle.

It is also shock-proof and offers protection against abrasion and corrosion, which you need to consider when looking for bike pedals.

The size of the FOOKER MTB Pedals is big enough to fit properly on your soles.

It is also very comfortable to use and can make your rides safer.

The sealed bearing pedals protect the spindles and prevent water and dust from damaging the pedals.

With this feature, you can enjoy cycling in the rain or any type of weather without worrying about possible damages.

The anti-skid nail on each side offers more security on the pedals and will keep your feet in place.

Even if mud, snow, and dirt cover the pedals, your feet won’t slip off from the FOOKER MTB Pedals.

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What We Like

One of the best things that you’ll like about the FOOKER MTB Pedals is the sealed bearing.

You can use your bike freely in any weather without being worried about possible damages to the pedals.

Its protection against abrasion and corrosion is also a notable feature.

The FOOKER MTB Pedals is very affordable, so it is already a steal.

What We Don’t Like

Since the FOOKER MTB Pedals is very affordable, you can’t expect the same quality level in terms of durability.

It is a great choice for short-term use but not a good choice if you are looking for a long-term bike pedal.


  • Abrasion resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Anti-skid nail
  • Affordable


  • Lower quality compared to other brands


2. Crankbrothers Stamp Flat BMX/MTB Bike Pedals

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Crankbrothers is one of the best brands to consider when it comes to mountain bike components and accessories.

They offer a wide range of accessories that can improve your bike and make it more attractive.

Crankbrothers Stamp Flat BMX/MTB Bike Pedals is one of their best pedals and very popular for beginner and intermediate-level bikers.

Product Highlights

The concave platform pedal is size-specific, making it a perfect choice for bikers who want a more personalized pedal.

As long as you know the size that you want, you can easily find the best pedals for your bike.

The Crankbrothers Stamp Flat BMX/MTB Bike Pedals is perfect for people with shoe sizes ranging from five to 10 US and 37 to 43 EU.

There are 10 adjustable pins located for every side of the pedal to provide a more customized feel and grip.

The inner and outer Igus LL-glide bearing will ensure the Crankbrothers Stamp Flat BMX/MTB Bike Pedals would stay efficient for the years to come.

Its body is made from Forged 6061-T6, while the spindle is from Forged scm435 Chromoly steel.

Both of these materials are perfect for bike pedals because it would guarantee a longer lifespan.

The Crankbrothers Stamp Flat BMX/MTB Bike Pedals also comes in different colors.

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What We Like

The best thing about the Crankbrothers Stamp Flat BMX/MTB Bike Pedals is the inner and outer bearings.

The Igus LL-glide bearing may not be the best in the market, but it is a good material if you want a solid pedal that would last for a long time.

Another thing is the different colors that you can choose from.

You can choose a specific color that you want depending on the color scheme of your mountain bike.

What We Don’t Like

The only issue about the Crankbrothers Stamp Flat BMX/MTB Bike Pedals is that it doesn’t have any pins around the spindle.

It is not as grippy as the other brands, so you might think twice when using it when raining.


  • Available in different colors
  • High-quality materials
  • Longer lifespan
  • Customized feel


  • Poor grip around the center


3. MZYRH Mountain Bike Pedals

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MZYRH covers a wide range of mountain bike accessories that are available at an affordable price.

The quality is amazing for its price, making the brand one of the top choices for beginners and intermediate bikers.

Product Highlights

The MZYRH Mountain Bike Pedals offers a smooth ride with its lubricated sealed bearing platform.

It has three sealed bearings, which are better than DU bearings.

The anti-skid pins provide a strong grasp, so it’s perfect for racing or riding on the trail.

The grips are amazing as well because of the aluminum anti-skid nails.

It can improve efficiency and provide better movement to your feet while cycling.

The MZYRH Mountain Bike Pedals is very easy to install. It also won’t take a lot of time to replace your old pedals fully.

The MZYRH Mountain Bike Pedals is known for its durability.

It is made from a high-strength aluminum alloy that is made specifically for mountain bike pedals.

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What We Like

One of the reasons you should opt for the MZYRH Mountain Bike Pedals is its three sealed bearings.

These bearings are lubricated, giving a smoother operation to the pedal.

It can also make the pedal more durable so you can use it on the trail without worrying about being damaged.

What We Don’t Like

The problem with the MZYRH Mountain Bike Pedals is that you can’t add reflectors to the pedals.

This is a very important thing, especially for bikers who are usually cycling at night.

Most of them prefer to have reflectors on the pedals, but you cannot do that with the MZYRH Mountain Bike Pedals.


  • Durable build
  • Stylish
  • Easy to install


  • You can’t add reflectors


4. Puroma Mountain Bike Pedals

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Puroma is a brand focused on a wide range of products; they have home appliances, bike accessories, and more.

The Puroma Mountain Bike Pedals is one of their best products to date. It is also one of the most affordable in the market.

Product Highlights

The Puroma Mountain Bike Pedals has a lightweight nylon composite body.

It also has a concave platform that provides better pedaling efficiency and stability for long rides.

The pedal provides great comfort because of its optimal surface area.

It is built to last for a long time with its sealed bearing pedals.

It will protect the spindle from water and dust to ensure it stays durable and maintain its performance and efficiency.

The Puroma Mountain Bike Pedals has 12 replaceable hex-head traction pins for every side to give more bite to your feet.

It will offer more grip and control while cycling, even on a rainy or snowy day.

The Puroma Mountain Bike Pedals is very easy to install, and there are indicators if it is for the left or the right pedal.

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What We Like

The best thing about the Puroma Mountain Bike Pedals is the 12 hex-head traction pins.

These traction pins will hold your feet while you are pedaling.

It will make sure that you won’t slip even if the pedals are wet or full of sand.

What We Don’t Like

Overall, the look is amazing, and the pedal itself is durable, but the bearings have cheap quality.

If you use the pedals on complicated trails or abuse your bike too much and use it daily, you can expect the bearings to break down midway.


  • Durable construction
  • Offers amazing grip
  • Affordable


  • Cheap bearings


5. RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedals

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RaceFace is one of the premier bike accessory providers in the market.

They are located in Vancouver, Canada, and are known for their high-quality bike accessories. 

The RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedals is currently one of their hottest products.

It is a great choice for expert bikers around the globe.

Product Highlights

The RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedals became extremely popular because of its grip and usability.

It is the number one choice of bike racers worldwide as it offers an amazing grip regardless of the weather.

The bike pedals are extremely durable, and you cannot see the wear and tear even if you have been using them for a long time.

It is very lightweight at 340 grams, so it will not add up too much weight that might affect your racing speed.

The RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedals also comes in various colors, so you can find something that would fit your bike’s design.

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What We Like

The best thing about the RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedals is its overall usability and design.

The pedal might be made from plastic, but it is the reason it is very durable.

You won’t even see any signs of damage from the pedal even if you use it regularly.

What We Don’t Like

Although it is very durable and provides amazing grip, it is not enough for muddy surfaces.

Your feet might slip if you try to drive through a muddy trail with the RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedals.


  • Available in different colors
  • Extremely durable
  • Affordable


  • Not enough grip for muddy trails


Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best mountain bike pedals is not too hard if you know the features you need to look out for.

Some people would just buy whatever is available to them, which is not a good idea.

That’s because the bike pedal is one of the most important parts of the bike, so you need to look for a good quality model.

Platform vs. Clipless

Before you buy a mountain bike pedal, you need to know if you need to use a platform or a clipless model.

Let’s take a look at each of them to decide better which is best for your needs.

  • Platform Pedals

Most beginner bikers use platform pedals, which are usually made from plastic along with other metals.

The best thing about platform pedals is that you don’t need special types of shoes to use them.

You can wear any pair of shoes as long as you don’t wear slippers.

It is also easier to get off the bike since you can just take your feet off and jump off the bike.

Platform pedals are also less expensive, so many people prefer to use them.

If you are not a professional biker or only biking for fun or exercise purposes, getting a platform pedal is the right choice.

  • Clipless Pedals

Clipless pedals have a special cleat attached to the shoes to provide a true connection between the pedal and the foot.

It is an amazing pedal if you are usually participating in trails or joining bike races.

Although not for beginners, you can start using clipless pedals to start learning how to use them.

You have to remember that this kind of pedal still takes time before you can get used to it.

That said, clipless pedals can improve pedal efficiency since you are not worried about your feet slipping.

They can also improve your ability to move on technical terrains.

Pedal Weight

The weight of the pedal would depend solely on what you want your bike pedal to have.

Lighter pedals are the best if you think that your bike is already too heavy.

They can lighten the burden a bit if you want to move fast, but they are not as durable as heavy pedals.

Heavier pedals are more durable but they might affect the speed of your bike.

Make sure that you do your research first before you choose the weight of the pedal.

Mud Shedding

When looking for bike pedals, you need to look for mud shedding features.

This is an open space on the pedal where you can push out or remove mud, especially when you are always on the trail.

This feature can also apply to snow, so if you love to go cycling in snowy areas, this feature will help you.

You should know that not all bike pedals come with mud-shedding capabilities, so be sure to check the features or ask around before you buy a specific brand.


You need to think about this feature when you are buying clipless pedals.

You can look for features like pedal tension settings and float.

By giving you more adjustability, you can easily customize the bike pedal to your liking.

As for the platform pedals, they would allow you to change the pins or change the pedal’s color anytime you want.


You should always prioritize durability more than anything else.

Bike pedals can get damaged easily, so you need to be very picky when it comes to durability.

The bike pedals made from plastic are usually a good choice in terms of durability, and they are usually lightweight as well.

You should also choose a pedal with smooth bearings. It won’t require a lot of maintenance, but it can withstand abuse from rock strikes.

FAQs About Bike Pedals

1. Do Mountain Bike Pedals Make a Difference?

Yes, mountain bike pedals are essential since they can improve your efficiency when biking.

There are instances where the bikers fail to complete a course because their bike pedals are of low quality.

With a good pair of pedals, though, you won’t have to worry about slipping while pedaling.

2. Are Plastic MTB Pedals Any Good?

Yes! Plastic MTB pedals can be a good choice if you prefer affordability.

They are very sturdy like other bike pedals and provide amazing grip.

The only downside is the pins. They are usually part of the construction, so you cannot replace them.

They are also a bit problematic on rocky surfaces.

3. Are Clipless Pedals Dangerous?

No. Clipless pedals are the same as flat pedals since they both pose the same risk when it comes to injuries.

4. Do Mountain Bikers Use Clip In Pedals?

Mountain bikers use clip-in pedals, but not everyone uses them.

If you want more efficiency when pedaling or more power to climb, this is a good choice.

5. What Pedals Do Pro Cyclists Use?

Pro-cyclists don’t usually have a say regarding the pedals they use because it would depend on the sponsorship.

The most popular pedals that they are using are Speedplay, Look, and Shimano Dura-Ace.

What Pedals Are Best for Mountain Biking?

If you want to go biking in the mountains or go on a trail, the best mountain bike pedal you can use from this list is the RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedals.

It is the most durable on the list and has features that can help improve your efficiency on the mountain.

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