Are Spin Bikes Good For Weight Loss?

Are Spin Bikes Good For Weight Loss

It seems that the topic of weight affects almost everyone at least some point in their lives. Some people want to put on weight, some people want to lose weight, but if there is a common theme among us it is this: we want to change our bodies.

This is partly due to the influence in the media of what a “great” body should look like and we strive to look great with our shirts off. However, there is a difference between what the media perceives as “hot” and what doctors perceive at “healthy”.

At the end of the day, you want to exercise in order to be healthy, not to be skinny. If you approach an exercise like this, it is definitely going to shape the way you work out.

Working Out At Home: Are Spin Bikes Good For Weight Loss?

The majority of people want to work out a lot and so they decide to buy a gym membership. What seems like a great idea at the time slowly becomes a waste of money because it just goes unused and sits there. We are not saying anything is wrong with the gym, we just believe that you need to be committed both financially and physically if you really want to get your money’s worth.

If you find you are too busy, either with work or with family, then maybe it is time to turn your attention elsewhere. Maybe it is time to start working out from home.

There is nothing wrong with working out at home, but it does come with a warning. It is harder to work out at home than at the gym. This is not because of equipment but because of a mindset.

It is difficult to find the drive at home to actually work out, especially in the comfort of your own home. If you do plan to work out at home, we suggest having a “workout” room set aside that when you are in there you are working out.

If you try working out in the TV room or another area, it’s easier to stop and sit down on the couch at some point.

So in order to work out at home you need some equipment. What equipment should you buy? Well, for the most part, many people decide to buy something to work on their cardio.

While many opt for a treadmill, we are here to talk about spin bikes and their effect on your body. Should you buy a spin bike? Do they add a lot to a home workout? More importantly, are they good for weight loss?

Spin Bikes

To understand if spin bikes are good for weight loss, we first have to understand what they are. These bikes have been made to give you a riding experience similar to actually being outside.

The handlebars are positioned more forward so you lean forward while using the bike. When you pedal, you are actually turning a heavy flywheel at the front of the bike, which makes it feel like you are actually biking outside. Since the bike has a fixed gear, the pedals do not slow down automatically when you stop pedaling.

Are They Good For Weight Loss?

Now we know how spin bikes work, are they good for weight loss? The easy answer is an absolute yes!

Spin bikes are good for weight loss. The main reason is because spin bikes provide you with a full body workout. While many stationary bikes aim just for the legs, a spin bike targets other areas of the body as well.

Because of the way they are built, you are leaned over and you have to hold your core tight. So while you are pushing against the flywheel, you are also engaging your core. This provides a full body workout that is excellent for weight loss.

A spin bike also feels like you are using a real bike. This keeps you going harder and going stronger. There is also a cool down period found on spin bikes that are not found on other types of bikes, as they tend to stop right away. A spin bike has to slow down and you must slow down with it. This provides longer workouts!

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