Air Bike vs Spin Bike: Which Is Better?

air bike vs spin bike

With everyone focusing on home workouts, there has been a sudden increase in the interest of home exercise equipment.

Exercise bikes are a fantastic option for cardio exercises. These are great for small apartments since they need minimal space.

One of the biggest comparisons is between air bike vs spin bike, so we will discuss both of them in detail to help you make an informed decision before choosing one of them.

What Is an Air Bike and a Spin Bike?

Before we even start comparing the two, we must explain what each of these bikes is precisely.

Air Bike

Also known as a fan bike, this is an indoor stationary exercise bike that comes with independent handlebars that will move forward and back.

It creates resistance via a large fan and is driven by the power and speed of the handles and pedals, which means the harder you exercise on the bike, the more resistance you will have to work against.

The Schwinn Airdyne is a great example of an air bike.

Spin Bike

These are a modern version of the classic indoor stationary exercise bike.

Built around a flywheel mechanism, the spin bike stimulates the variable resistance experienced when you ride an outdoor ten-speed road bike.

Spin bikes are faster and have a higher speed of pedaling, and Peloton bikes are a great example of a spin bike.

Air Bike vs Spin Bike

Now that we know what each of these bikes is, let’s about their differences.

To compare both these bikes, we decided to give you the ultimate breakdown and discuss each aspect of these bikes.

1. Bike Wheel

The bike wheel is the first thing you will notice as the difference between the spin bike and air bike.

Air Bike

On an air bike, the bike wheel is fairly large and has fan blades inside that will displace air more effectively to offer an infinite number of resistance levels.

Spin Bike

Spin bikes have a smaller wheel at the front, called a flywheel. This flywheel is weighted and can range anywhere between 15 and 20 kilograms.

The more the weight of the flywheel, the greater and smoother its level of resistance will be.

2. Frame

As long as you choose a bike from a good brand, the frame of a spin bike and an air bike will be well built.

The frame holds the user’s weight, along with the pulling, pushing, and rocking side to side motions.

If both the bikes are built well, its frame should not experience any sort of shaking.

The bikes are typically built using welded steel, which gives them real robustness.

Air Bike

This exercise bike’s has more of an upright position when you use it.

The seat tends to be lower than the handles for you to push your energy and power through its handlebars.

Spin Bike

These exercise bikes are made to be similar to a road bike where the center of gravity leans more forwards to its handlebars.

Its saddle is almost aligned with its handlebars that helps in keeping your back and butt straight.

3. Handlebars

At first glance, it’s fairly clear that apart from both their large wheels, the handlebars also differ quite a bit.

Air Bike

The handles of an air bike are at a perfect height for the user’s shoulders and hands so that they are fully engaged when they work out.

Two parts power these: the arms’ pulling and pushing motion and the pedaling with the legs, which cause the fan wheel to rotate.

Altogether, this will act as one big cardio unit which allows the user to engage their arms, legs, and core.  

Spin Bike

With a spin bike, you will find a couple of different handheld variations. One will allow for an intense heart pumping racing while the other is more for easy cycling.

You can choose whichever makes you feel more comfortable.

The handlebars let you stand up from the seat and lean forwards to the handlebars by putting your center of gravity over the bike’s pedals.

This position is very similar to those cyclists you see on the television who race in the Tour de France.

This whole concept will allow you to exercise through higher and harder resistances.

air bike vs spin bikeair bike vs spin bike

4. Pedals

The pedals on either of these exercise bikes don’t differ as much.

They do an excellent job of getting the legs to work and perform the same task.

Spin Bike

The only difference with pedals is that they come with straps on the spin bike to ensure your feet remain secure when you exercise. Spin bike pedals are also replaceable.

Air Bike

While some air bike pedals may come with straps, most don’t because it is a popular HIIT exercise equipment where the user uses it for a couple of minutes, jumps off, takes a break, and hops back on it once again.

This whole getting on and off of the bike gets limited when it has straps on.

5. Seat

The seat or the saddle on both air bikes and spin bikes are also quite similar.

Air Bike

The seat on an air bike tends to have a larger surface so that your butt can rest a bit more comfortably on it.

As mentioned earlier, the main reason behind this is that this exercise equipment is meant for HIIT workouts.

Spin Bike

The seat on this exercise bike tends to be narrower since it tries to resemble the seat of a real road bike.

The narrow seat helps promote full leg extension so that the hamstrings and glutes get fully activated as you use the bike.

It is also helpful in significantly reducing chafing on the inner thighs.

6. Resistance

Spin bikes and air bikes have two forms of resistance for better blood pumping and muscle activation.

Air Bike

The resistance on an air bike is exactly what its name suggests and that it’s air. For most of it, the air is the main resistance on this bike.

When you push and pull on the handlebars and push on the pedals at the same time, it helps in creating a rotation effect.

All this rotation will then power the air wheel placed at the front.

The air wheel has several fans that have been angled in the same direction so that it can create drag against all of them.

The harder you go on the bike, the drag effect will make it harder for the wheel to turn, and this helps in creating the resistance.

Spin Bike

There are two forms of resistance on a spin bike: magnetic resistance and friction resistance. There are also specific spin bike models on the market with both.

The resistance on a spin bike comes from inertia. When you pedal, you move and rotate the flywheel in the front.

By simply turning the knobs, the magnets on a magnetic-based spin bike or the felt pads on the friction-based spin bike will come closer together against the flywheel and try to counteract the wheel’s speed.

With all the flywheel resistance, the user pushes on the pedal more to keep up with the same RPM.

Which One Should I Choose Between Air Bikes and Spin Bikes?

Let’s face it; both these bikes will offer you an excellent cardio exercise, but choosing between them entirely depends on what you’re looking for.

Spin bikes are great for people looking for a similar experience to riding an outdoor bike but in the comfort of their home.

With air bikes though, you’re guaranteed a highly effective and intense workout, and you will also burn an insane number of calories.

That is probably why you see them used often in CrossFit games. So, if HIIT workouts are what you desire, we recommend choosing the air bike.


1. What Muscles Do Air Bikes Work?

Air bike is a workout that involves every major muscle group in the body.

Upon consistently using this bike, you will notice that your triceps, biceps, pecs, obliques, quads, calves, abdominals, and hamstrings get significantly toned, all while burning those extra calories.

2. Is an Air Bike a Good Workout?

There is no doubt that an air bike will offer you a good workout because you have to use your whole body.

Spending a good amount of time every day or three or four times a week will offer you amazing results.

3. Are Air Bikes Good for Weight Loss?

Unlike a spin bike, an air bike adds the upper body component through the elliptical machine-like handles.

The harder you pull, push, and pedal, the more resistance you will generate.

Even the fittest athletes get winded within a one-minute total workout on this piece of equipment.

Regularly using it along with a healthy lifestyle and diet is guaranteed to help you lose weight.


We hope that this complete breakdown of air bike vs spin bike has given you the information you need to decide which one is the best for you.

While both come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, you can rest assured that they will help you burn those extra calories and lose weight.



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