Best Spin Bikes

Best Spin Bikes

Spinning is one of the top choices for fitness enthusiasts when it comes to strengthening, weight loss and toning programs these days. Spinning is a type of group exercise and regardless of the participants’ experience and fitness levels it revolves around the use of one piece of equipment, the spin bike.

The spin bike is designed after the road bike and it provides the same health advantages. In this article, we are going to further discuss the benefits of spinning along with recommended best spin bikes.

A spin class is features an instructor who calls out instructions with a background of exciting music. Participants in the class have different objectives depending on their heart rate which means that each individual gets a workout that fits his or her comfort and fitness level.

The spinning program was created in the 80s by Jonathan Goldberg, an athlete. He trademarked the program and founded the company Madd Dogg Athletics, and to this day spinning is still used by plenty of gyms. The program is now practiced in more than 30,000 facilities and taught by over 175,000 coaches

The spin bike is designed with a selection of features. The equipment can be adjusted to suit individuals by modifying the handlebar position and the saddle height. More advanced models include a heart rate monitor positioned in the handlebars.

Spin bikes often come with weighted flywheels so they can mimic the feel of going uphill on a bicycle by reducing the inertia of every stroke of the pedal. Users can manage the complexity of the workout by means of an onboard computer which deals with the flywheel. Spin bikes sometimes have a computer that modifies mechanically to a selected heart-rate level.

Pros and Cons of Spinning

Spinning sessions can be intense and they will leave you charged physically and mentally. However, just like any fast-paced, challenging fitness routine, it has its disadvantages too.

Prior to registering for a class or purchasing your own spin bike for using at home, you should first take into account how the activity might influence your overall health and fitness. It is best if you understand its advantages and disadvantages first as well.

When combined with a good, healthy diet, a regular spinning routine can help individuals lose unwanted weight. A great spinning routine burns calories similar to results gained after a regular step class. The calories you burn though will be based on the intensity of the program, the size of your body and your fitness level.

Spinning also involves continuous pedaling against resistance and this leads to improved muscular strength, bone density and enhanced endurance in crucial body parts like the quads, core, the glutes, calves and hamstrings. Improving lower body strength also leads to stability in the hips, knees, ankles and joints.

Because of strength enhancement, improved stability and endurance, there is less risk of injury during vigorous activities, and spinning contributes to excellent cardiovascular health as well. Activities like trekking and mountain climbing will be easier for you to accomplish.

Spinning is a low-impact activity. Participants in this program position their feet securely on the pedals and move their legs in an even, constant motion which allows for a better range of movement. Spin bike users can benefit from an increase in joint flexibility and steer clear of persistent pounding on the joints.

If you set a bike correctly and use a good pair of workout shoes, spinning will not exert lots of pressure on the joints. Because of this, your joints will not gather unnecessary tension, hence spinning is ideal for athletes and individuals who are recuperating from a previous joint injury or going back to their old fitness routines after a lengthy break from it.

Spinning is also excellent for heart health. Performing spinning routines frequently at an intense pace can help decrease your chances of acquiring heart disease and it will also lower blood pressure.

However, spinning might be too extreme for some, even risky. There is always the possibility that beginners and occasional exercisers will go over the top with the program. Spinning is a highly intense activity and lots of people who perform it miscalculate how hard they are working out, which can present cardiovascular dangers to casual exercisers. Because of this disadvantage, participants have to monitor themselves and get in tune with their body—this means they have to stop if they think they are working themselves too hard.

If you are a beginner or have stopped working out due to injury or an extended break, it is best if you take a moderate approach. Make do with a certain heart rate zone and plan on remaining there for a given period.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Spin Bike

The best spin bikes are chosen because of the features they have plus the quality of their construction. In order to guarantee that you will get a model that works and caters to your needs, you have to take into account some crucial factors.

Weight of flywheel

The flywheel can be found in front of the bike and this is the part that moves whenever the user pedals. The larger the flywheel weight, the smoother and more consistent ride it will provide.

Spin bikes for home use often have flywheel weight from 40 lbs kg while the ones made for gyms often have a weight of 44 to 48 lbs. Any flywheel that is less than 35 lbs is not ideal and you should always look for a model with a flywheel weight over 35 lbs.

Drive system

There are two kinds of drive system for spin bikes, the belt and the chain. If you want the bike to be quieter, you can opt for a belt-driven model. Belt bikes also need minimal maintenance and can be adjusted if need be. However, chain drive models offer a smoother, more consistent ride.


A great spin bike includes sturdy, stabilizing frame and legs. It pays if the frame is made from quality materials and is durable as well

Braking system

The spin bike’s braking system is available in 3 kinds: magnetic braking, fabric pads and leather pads. Magnetic braking systems often function silently because there is zero contact. They also have a better resistance range and do not need any replacement or maintenance.

Fabric pads can be found usually on entry-level models while leather pads are more durable compared to fabric ones and can be typically found in high-end home use and commercial spin bikes.


The spin bicycle has 4 kinds of resistance: the manual screw, the cable, electromagnetic and the electronic magnet. The manual screw is offered on mid-high level resistance indoor models. The cable system is used on low-end spin bikes and this is the weakest kind of resistance system according to experts.

The electromagnetic system operates in the same manner as electronic magnets but without the moving components. The electronic magnet system makes use of a tiny motor to budge the magnet nearer to or farther away from the wheel of the bike. It lets users track resistance rates and administer programs. This particular system is usually offered by high-end models.

Adjustability of the frame

A variety of spin bikes feature differing systems and adjustability options. The best spin bikes have micro-adjustability which allows the saddle and the handlebars to budge up and down, forward or backward. This lets users acquire the appropriate height for a more comfortable workout.


If you are after a spin bike designed for home use, it is best to invest in a model with a console. The majority of spinning bicycles have consoles that offer the same readouts but there are also models that feature heart rate and programs.

5 Recommended Spin Bikes

The market is brimming with lots of spin bikes due to the popularity of spinning. As mentioned earlier, spinning is an excellent fitness program that improves strength and cardiovascular health which is why a lot of individuals at the moment prefer this type of exercise.

Now that you know more about spin bikes,  it’s time to share some product suggestions as well. Here are 5 products that work well according to a lot of customers who have tried them.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is a bestseller among indoor cycles. It has a heavier 40-pound flywheel which is substantial enough for an overall effective workout.

It has an excellent weight capacity plus a wider range of adjustment options too. Tall users won’t have any problems using the bike since its height can be easily modified.

For a smoother and less noisy cycling experience, the bike comes with a heavy-duty crank and chain drive mechanism. It comes with transport wheels as well so moving the bike to one spot in your home can be easily achieved.

This is an affordable model that works excellently and is considered by many to be a good investment. While it does not have the latest in electronic indoor cycling features, it performs very well and leads to a more substantial and effective workout.


  • Simple to assemble
  • 40-pound flywheel
  • Fast resistance changes
  • Comes with durable, strong base frame
  • Comes with broader selection of seat and handlebar adjustment options
  • Ergonomic handlebar design
  • Affordable price
  • Provides even cycling motion


  • Seat can be uncomfortable if used for an extended length of time
  • Does not have display console so you can’t track your workouts

ProGear 100S Exercise Bike/Indoor Training Cycle

The spin bicycle was designed to give fitness fans a low-impact cardio workout to enhance and tone the lower body, burn calories and increase fitness. There are lots of affordable models in the market but there are only a few which work decently and provide great performance. One of these models is the ProGear 100S Exercise Bike/Indoor Training Cycle.

This bike has a few drawbacks but it also has some excellent features that make it a great buy. This is ideal for individuals who are on the lookout for a model that works and has a competitive price.

Even though this is not a gym model, it has all the basic features required for an effective workout with the addition of a few extras that do not always come with more affordable models like an LCD monitor for tracking stats and variable resistance options.


  • Durable and lightweight frame
  • Comes with multi-grip handlebar
  • Balanced flywheel makes for smoother pedaling
  • Durable chain-drive
  • Includes quite drive system and solid crank system
  • Pedals with toe cages
  • Includes fitness meter
  • Water bottle/energy drink holder
  • Simple and easy to set up
  • Does not require lots of maintenance


  • Flywheel is light at 22 lbs. only
  • Handlebars cannot be adjusted
  • LCD display is not backlit

Bladez Fitness Fusion GS II Indoor Cycle

If you are on the hunt for a quality indoor cycle that is affordable yet functions smoothly, then you might want to consider the Bladez Fitness Fusion GS II Indoor Cycle. This is an improvement on the older, original Fusion GS and it now comes with an improved frame design plus better ergonomic seating and handlebars.

The unit also comes with its own LCD console so users can keep track of their progress. It provides a nice, even and steady workout thanks to the inclusion of a 40 lb. flywheel.

Even when used at higher resistance, the bike keeps noise levels at a minimum despite being built with a chain drive mechanism. It’s highly recommended for people who want to an indoor cycling system that won’t dent their wallet.


  • Durable and stable frame
  • Excellent adjustability options
  • Includes multi-grip handlebars
  • Heavier 40-lb. flywheel
  • Comes with chain drive yet cranks out quiet operations
  • Dependable crank set
  • Narrow Q-factor
  • Includes pedals with toe cages
  • Fitness meter
  • Easy to set up and move
  • Does not require lots of maintenance
  • Comes with bottle holder
  • Great warranty


  • Does not have fitness apps and workout programs
  • People who are not used to road bikes may feel uncomfortable with the seat

XtremepowerUS Indoor Cycle Trainer Fitness Bicycle

The XtremepowerUS Indoor Cycle Trainer Fitness Bicycle has a sophisticated design complemented by a sturdy, solid and stable black frame. It comes with a 22 lb. flywheel together with a chain drive mechanism for a smoother, effortless and consistent workout.

It includes pedals with toe baskets so users can lock their feet into position over the course of their routines. The handlebars and the seats are completely adjustable as well so users can customize those parts for a more comfortable workout experience.

The model has an LCD display which shows users precise readouts of the calories they burned, the speed, time, distance and pulse rates. It has an adjustable resistance knob which lets users adjust the intensity of their workouts plus a quick-stop brake as well for safety.

This is a quality bike which functions well and performed as expected, in a price that will not hurt your wallet.


  • Comes with chain drive mechanism
  • Pedals have toe cages
  • Fully adjustable handlebars and seats
  • Can be assembled easily
  • Offers quiet operations


  • Not recommended for taller individuals

GoPlus Exercise Bike

The GoPlus Exercise offers a 22-pound flywheel to provide individuals an even and consistent workout. This best fits beginners and older folks, plus individuals who are after light and mid-level workouts.

People who are under 6 ft. will also suit this indoor cycle and be able to utilize it effectively. It has a 264-pound weight capacity and it has a well-padded seat which is comfortable and can be adjusted in every direction in order to offer a more personalized feel.

This bike has a felt brake pad which allows for even, straightforward operation of its resistance system. The unit also comes with a display monitor which offers readouts of users’ training details from calories burned, time, distance, speed and heart rate, among others. Lastly, thirst will not be a problem since it comes with its own water bottle.


  • Well-cushioned seat
  • Comes with felt brake pad
  • Provides stat readouts
  • Includes wider pedals
  • Great for beginners, children and the elderly
  • Comes with a plastic water bottle


  • Not recommended for individuals over 6 ft.


Choosing a spin bike, like any fitness apparatus, is something you should think about carefully. This is an investment after all so regardless of your budget, you want to acquire a quality model.

One great tip is to buy the best in the market your money can buy. That way, you will be guaranteed of a bike that works as expected will last long and will accommodate your specifications and needs.

If you want to lose weight, gain lower-body strength, improve cardiovascular health and enhance bone density, then the spin bicycle is something you should consider. It is a great investment for individuals who do not have enough time to go to the gym every day but still want to be fit, toned and healthy.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, HomeFitnessEdge may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI-prices are accurate, and items in stock as of time of publication.